Guest Post – Confessions of a Fangirl + Giveaway!

Guest Post – Confessions of a Fangirl + Giveaway!
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Confessions of a Fangirl by Marquita Valentine

Unlike my sister (who meets famous people while merely breathing), I haven’t met very many honest-to-goodness television/movie stars. Okay, okay…I’ve met one. Maybe two if you count the time I got an umbrella autographed by local weatherdude, Skip Whathislastname.

However, I think I made up for it in spades by not only meeting, but by being HUGGED by Colin Firth.

Oh hai, Mr. Firth!

Despite meeting one of the best smelling men on the planet, I didn’t squeal like crazy or faint (that honor belonged to the random guy beside me.).
Maybe it was because I’d already acted the fool like a complete fangirl in front of one of my favorite romance writers evah—Rachel Gibson.

Notice who’s not in the picture.

A few years ago (last summer) I was at my first Romance Writers of America Conference, with my name tag, shiny PRO Pin and business cards left in my room at the ready. There were book signings dedicated to different publishing houses at different times and days, so I hobbled due to the five thousand blisters from the heels I’d been wearing skipped to Rachel G’s table. While waiting in line, I rehearsed this speech in my head, with such epic lines like: I love your work. I love your heroes. I admire you so much. I want to be as successful as you. I love your hockey series.

Nice stuff, right? Full of love, love, love. L-O-V-E, love.

See where I’m going with this

Unfortunately, as soon as it was my turn I just stared at R.G., then blurted out I love you. Not I love your heroes, or your writing or your anything else. Just a big ole

Ms. Gibson looked for security smiled, then asked me to pick out a book for her to sign. Of course, I picked out the one I already had instead of the one I didn’t, waited for her to sign it, and ran away thanked her.

One day I plan on meeting Rachel Gibson again, and have a very nice conversation about her novels—I hope!

Thanks for having me today, Sue, at Romance@Random! Have you ever met a famous person and done something completely fan-girly around him/her?

Remember, every week 5 commenter’s are chosen to win a random free book -winners announced on Sunday! Good luck!

Marquita Valentine writes epic love stories that just happen to take place in small towns. You can find her usually on Twitter (, bi-monthly on LadyScribes ( and sporadically on Facebook

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