Guest Post: Do You Believe in Ghosts? by Sharon Cullen

Guest Post: Do You Believe in Ghosts? by Sharon Cullen
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Before my husband and I bought our first house I never gave two thoughts to ghosts. I guess if you had asked me, I would have said I believed in the possibility of them.

And then we moved into an eighty-year-old Cape Cod type house and weird things started happening. We were young and kidless so the two upstairs bedrooms were storage while we inhabited the bedrooms on the main floor. Years before my husband bought me a little stuffed pig that had a squeaker in it. Over the years the pig slowly made its way up to those storage bedrooms.
There were several nights my husband and I were watching TV and we’d hear a noise that sounded a whole lot like that pig squeaking. We chalked it up to our imaginations, outside noises, whatever. But it persisted.

Fast forward a few years and we had kids, my husband changed jobs and worked midnights. By then we had expanded into the upstairs bedroom. On occasion a voice would wake me from a deep sleep. “Sharon!” it would whisper/yell, making me jump awake in alarm. Enough that I would yell, “What?” into the darkness.
At first I was scared spitless, but eventually the ghost, who I perceived to be an older man, would let me know he was harmless. It wasn’t anything he said—all I ever heard him say was my name—but it was more the feeling he gave me. He would wake me occasionally but after those first few times I’d roll over with the thought, “It’s just the chatty ghost.”

Fast forward a few more years and we had three kids—in a small house with one bathroom and no garage. It was time to say goodbye to our first home and move to a bigger one. Our youngest was three at the time and my husband was in what was once the old coal room. He was packing up his books when a little girl raced by in a green dress. He spoke to the girl, thinking she was our youngest, but she raced away.

A few hours later he mentioned it to me, wondering why I had dressed our daughter in a dress. Of course I hadn’t.
We had discovered another ghost residing with us.

After moving we were talking to friends from the old neighborhood. We’d never told our friends our “ghost stories” when suddenly one of them told us a story that happened to him a few days before. He was out walking his dog late at night, passing by our old house, when he saw a little girl in the front yard, dressed in a green dress. Suddenly she walked through the wall of the house and disappeared.

So now if you ask me if I believe in ghosts, I will say emphatically, yes.

Last year our old house was torn down. In that neighborhood the land is worth more than those old 1920s homes and in its place arose a new house. I often wonder if the old man and the young girl followed into the new house or moved on.

So what about you? Do you believe in ghosts and do you have a ghost story of your own?

sharon cullenAuthor Bio:
After earning a degree in journalism from Ohio University Sharon found that the stories inside her head were more interesting than what was going on in the world around her. Yet, it wasn’t until years later that she decided to pursue her secret dream of writing a romance novel. Since then she’s been published in romantic suspense, paranormal romance and contemporary romance. The Notorious Lady Anne is her first historical romance.
Sharon’s other job descriptions include chauffer, laundress, cook and mediator to her three very busy kids, her husband and two dogs. She lives in southwest Ohio with her brood although her dream is to someday retire to St. Maarten and live on the beach.

You can find Sharon on her website | Twitter | Facebook

Preorder her new release here – The Notorious Lady Annesharon cullen

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