Guest Post from Cheeky Girl + GIVEAWAY!

Guest Post from Cheeky Girl + GIVEAWAY!

I’ve been dreaming lately of rainy days. You know, the kind that the weather and all it’s drippy goodness puts you in a lazy but happy haze. The kind of weather that’s perfect for reading a fantastic book.

Maybe for you that isn’t a rainy day. It could be a bright, shiny day laying on a picnic blanket in the middle of a field of flowers with the sun warm on your face as you immerse yourself in the story.

What if it’s a snow day? With the fire raging and crackling as you sit bundled up with a snuggly blanket and a cup of hot cocoa.

We all have our dream reading environments and sometimes life gets crazy hectic and our reading time gets cut down or even cut out. It seems to me it’s during those times when my desire for my perfect rainy day for reading is the strongest. Other people might dream of exotic vacations (and honestly I do too) when the everyday bogs them down but I dream of guilt-free reading time. I don’t think I’m alone in that. I have a feeling that other book lovers like me are hoping for the same thing.

It’s almost as if instead of just feeling this need to read and discover new beloved characters, is also this wish of wanting to re-set reading as a priority. That it deserves a special day full of reading rituals that define that day as something special, a day dedicated to reading and happiness.

I try my best to literally schedule a few of these days every so often. If I don’t I think I’d rebel against life – LOL! Now, life and the hubby don’t always cooperate with my plans but at least once every few months reading days do manage to happen for me. Most the time my husband can tell when I’m really in need of some quality reading time and he’s happy to see me de-stress and do what I love.

What about you, do you ever take a day now and then just to set up your perfect reading situation? Is it any of the scenarios I mentioned or do you have other dream reading days? If you don’t have the luxury of a full day, how do you make your reading time special? Do you have reading withdrawals if you haven’t had time to sit down with a book? BWS tips button

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