Guest Post: Hope Tarr on Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them

Guest Post: Hope Tarr on Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them
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It’s an auspicious calendar date for our romance community: Tonight marks the 5th anniversary of Lady Jane’s Salon, the only reading series in NYC devoted to romance writers.  Today, co-founder and author Hope Tarr is here to share news of her latest project, and invite us to celebrate this evening at Lady Jane’s. Hope to see you there! — Logan Belle

How Romance Authors Are Sharing the Hope of Happily Ever With Homeless Women and Children

Last August 2013, I was having a bad day—a really, really bad day. My fictional characters weren’t behaving—and certain real-life “characters” had thrown me for a loop as well. Rather than writing, I spent my day war gaming a Plan B (and C and D) with my agent. After much mutual pacing and some teeth gnashing, we settled on a course of action, put it into play, and moved on.

That night my significant other, Raj, came home several hours earlier than I’d expected him. Fortunately for me, the after work networking function to which his boss had sent him was a bust, and he’d decided to call it a night. Hearing the key turning in the lock of our apartment door, I felt my eyes welling. By the time he walked through it, the proverbial water works had burst. Burying my head against his chest while he stroked my hair, suddenly I wasn’t focused on the really, really bad day anymore. Instead I was flooded with gratitude. All I could think was how immensely fortunate I was to have such an unconditionally loving, solidly supportive partner by my side.


Styled along the lines of  the bestselling “Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul” anthology series, Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them comprises twenty-eight nonfiction essays by popular romance authors, one for each day of February 2014, on how they met, wed, and love their real-life spouses and significant others. Contributors include Lisa Renee Jones, Deanna Raybourn, Jacquie D’Alessandro, Julie Kenner, and Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick.

Some authors’ journeys to True Love involved overseas travel, even relocation (Ireland, England, India); others took place in writers’ own backyards. Some couples met as college sweethearts, others as seasoned second-chance lovers. Some of the essays are tongue in cheek, even laugh-out-loud funny, while others are poignant, even bittersweet. All affirm that Happily Ever After isn’t only the stuff of fairy tales and romance novels.

It is every woman’s birthright.

In that spirit, all net proceeds from sales of the anthology will be donated to Win (formerly Women in Need).  Since its February 14, 1983 launch Win has worked tirelessly to bring the hope of Happily Ever After to disadvantaged women and their children in New York City, empowering families to build positive, independent lives and forge forward into brighter futures.

How fitting that the recipient charity for an anthology of romance writers would have its beginnings on Valentine’s Day! And because the romance community encompasses some of the most generous souls I’ve ever had the privilege to know, all twenty-eight authors contributed their essays pro bono, waiving any royalties or advance so that we could raise the maximum monies for Win’s families.

A Kindle Top 100 bestseller within hours of its going live, Scribbling Women is available as a digital release on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords as well as in print-on-demand.

A book launch will take place at the fifth anniversary celebration of Lady Jane‘s Salon®, New York City’s first and only monthly romance reading series, on Monday, February 3rd at 7pm at Madame X in Soho. Harlequin Books senior editor Patience Bloom will read her Scribbling Women essay, “Wedding 101 for the Anti-Bridezilla,” based on her memoir, Romance is My Day Job (Dutton, February 2014).

Going forward, the program for each monthly Lady Jane’s will feature one Scribbling Women contributor as our special guest. Look for Scribbling Women readings from Megan Frampton, Leanna Renee Hieber, Katana Collins and Suzan Colón and check the Lady Jane’s Salon® blog for event details.

For more information on the anthology, including the full list of contributors, visit the book website at

Huzzah and Happily Ever After.


Award-winning author, Hope Tarr is a cofounder and current curator of Lady Jane’s Salon®, NYC’s first and only monthly romance reading series, and the editor of Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them, a Valentine’s anthology to benefit Win. Visit Hope online at and find out more about the anthology at, and




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