Guest Post – Inconvenient, All-Consuming, Love by Stephanie Tyler + Giveaway!

Guest Post – Inconvenient, All-Consuming, Love by Stephanie Tyler + Giveaway!

Inconvenient, All-Consuming, Love by Stephanie Tyler

I’ve been writing paranormals as Sydney Croft (With Larissa Ione) for as long as I’ve been writing romantic suspenses. For me, the suspenses have to have a bit more realism in them, but the paranormals, well, now that’s a place where I can kiss realism goodbye and dream about my biker wolves and their forbidden loves. In the Eternal Wolf Clan series, the first of which is out today, Dire Needs, you’ll get plenty of alpha wolves, romance and suspense – and that’s what got me thinking about this topic of realism versus fantasy.

I admit I’m not a huge Sex and the City fan, but something always draws me to watch repeats whenever it’s on. Sometimes the women annoy me, mainly because I’ve known women like that – and because I think a lot of the drama is self manufactured and I want to shake them.

Having said that, there’s a quote from Carrie I love – it’s in the very last episode of the last season, when she says to her about to be ex, Alexander: “I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, all-consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”

And to me, that says it all about the type of romance I adore. Over the top. Sometimes ridiculous, couldn’t possible happen in real life (or could it? Who’s to say) inconvenient, all-consuming love stories are my absolute, complete favorite comfort reads – and some of my favorite books to write.

An article I once read was titled, If I wanted reality, I’d read the newspaper (if anyone knows who the credit goes to for that, please shout out!) I don’t want much realism in my fiction. I want the fantasy, the rescue, the alpha, larger than life hero. I want to sink into it, roll around in it and lose myself.

If you don’t have that, what’s the point? I don’t want to read about someone’s every day life – I want to read about someone with an every day life who’s thrust into the middle of danger, whose got a big, bad hero to protect her. I want the unpredictability – will she act like a tough girl or will she crumble a little and then regroup? Will she do something that might be deemed TSTL (and hey, for the record, I can honestly say that when I heard footsteps upstairs in my house and I knew no one was home, I raced up the stairs, unarmed – no one can tell me what they’d do in a situation like that.) or will she be smart from the get-go and save herself – and the hero?

What do you think? Do you like more realism than not or do you read romance for the thrill of the escape? Remember, 5 commenter’s every week are chosen for a random FREE book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck!

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