Guest Post: Is Romance Always Random? by Nikki Duncan + Giveaway!

Guest Post: Is Romance Always Random? by Nikki Duncan + Giveaway!
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Thank you for having me here to celebrate the release of my Christmas story, Her Miracle Man. It’s a little funny to me that I’m blogging about this book on Romance at Random because this story had me playing with the idea of how random romance really is. In the stories we love. In life.

That idea had me thinking about Fate. Do we design our own? Are we at the mercy of a higher being? Is it truly random when we meet the person who will become our significant other?
While writing Her Miracle Man I found myself thinking along the same path I’ve often found myself thinking about my own life. It all goes back to the question What If?

Take my husband and me for example. We met in high school eighteen years ago when a friend of mine introduced us. We’ve had our ups and downs like all couples do, but what if a single circumstance had changed along the way?

Have you ever played this game where you try to track your life backward to the single moment or decision that changed everything?

If I hadn’t made the friends I did in my new school, I wouldn’t have been sitting at the same table at lunch “that” day. That friend happened to have dated the guy who became my high school boyfriend and then my husband.

But what if I hadn’t moved to that new school? What took me there? My mom did when she relocated for a job after she and my dad divorced. She wouldn’t have relocated if the horse training facility she managed hadn’t decided to relocate. She wouldn’t have relocated if she and my dad had still been married.

A relocation triggered a relocation made possible by a divorce moved a young girl to a new school where she made the right friend to sit with her at lunch that coincided with the lunch of the boy she would marry.

It truly is a domino effect. What domino would have sent things tumbling in a different direction?

Her Miracle Man In Her Miracle Man a similar domino effect happened. Jennalyn’s parents and younger sister were in a tragic accident that killed her parents and left her sister with a traumatic brain injury. That brain injury hospitalized Sabrina, which is how they met Ryland who later delivered a DVD with Sabrina’s last wish for Jennalyn.
If Jennalyn had ignored Sabrina’s wish, she wouldn’t have taken the job Ryland hired her for and she wouldn’t have met the people she met during A Month of Miracles. Those people helped Ryland show Jennalyn a way out of her grief and back into life. What if any one of those circumstances had been different?

What do you think? Are the events in our life truly random? Is it a series of random events that leads us to the romance in our life (even if it’s just a great romance book)?
Giveaway: 2 randomly chosen books from Nikki’s stash – good luck!
WINNERs – Natalia J & Erinf, thanks all for blogging with us!!

About the Author:
Heart stopping puppy chases, childhood melodrama and the aborted hangings of innocent toys are all in a day’s work for Nikki Duncan. This athletic equestrian turned reluctant homemaker turned daring author, is drawn to the siren song of a fresh storyline.

Nikki plots murder and mayhem over breakfast, scandalous exposes at lunch and the sensual turn of phrase after dinner. Nevertheless, it is the pleasurable excitement and anticipation of unraveling her character’s motivation that drives her to write long past the witching hour.

The only anxiety and apprehension haunting this author comes from pondering the mysterious outcome of her latest twist.

Find Nikki on her Website | Twitter | Facebook

Her Miracle Man is Nikki’s 10th book, on sale now – here’s the blurb:

Children’s hospital administrator Ryland Davids was attracted to event planner Jennalyn James the moment he saw her. He thought there would be plenty of time to get to know her—until her younger sister, Sabrina, was admitted with complications from traumatic brain injury.
Sabrina’s bright courage broke through Ryland’s wall of professional distance, but once she drew her last breath, Jennalyn left the hospital and never returned. Though he understands her need for distance, there’s a hole in his heart that won’t heal. And a last wish from Sabrina he’s honor-bound to deliver.
When Jennalyn comes face to face with Ryland at a charity event, the pain comes rushing back, threatening to shatter her everything’s-fine façade. It doesn’t help that the lump in her throat is mostly her heart, leaping in response to his touch.
Despite her reluctance to return to the scene of her grief, she fulfills Sabrina’s final request to plan a series of Christmas events for the kids. Over the course of A Month of Miracles, Ryland and Jennalyn discover there’s the light of hope at the end of grief’s dark tunnel. But it may not be enough to heal her broken heart.

Buy your copy today! Samhain Publishing | Amazon – Kindle | Barnes & Noble – Nook

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