Guest Post: Kim from Hawaii about Pearl Harbor

Guest Post: Kim from Hawaii about Pearl Harbor

kim adamsToday is the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack on Oahu.

The Japanese not only bombed Pearl Harbor, but the Bellows, Ewa, Ford lsland, Kaneohe, and Wheeler airfields. I’ve had the privilege of visiting the memorials at each battle site to pay my respects for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in preserving our freedom. In honor of “this day of infamy”, I recommend taking a break from your holiday shopping to enjoy these films:

the Academy award winning adaption of James Jones’ novel spotlights Army life in the days before the attack. Its most famous scene – Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing in the waves – was filmed at Halona Cove.

IN HARM’S WAY (1965), an adaption of James Bassett’s novel follows Naval officers after the attack of Pearl Harbor. The movie starred John Wayne, who resided in one of the historic homes on Ford Island. The house is also featured in the film as his character’s home. Today, the house is still used for Navy families and is aptly named the John Wayne adams

TORA! TORA! TORA! (1970), offers both the Japanese and American perspective of the attack. The producers did not cast box office stars to keep the focus on the story. The movie is lauded for its historical accuracy. Hangar 79 on Ford Island served as its production center (the hanger was empty after the airfield was inactivated). Hanger 79 is now home to the Pacific Aviation Museum.

kim adamsThese three movies feature romances because Ua ola I ke aloha. Love is necessary for life.

Do you have a favorite “military” movie?

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