Guest Post: Love at First Sight by Ann H. Gabhart

Guest Post:  Love at First Sight by Ann H. Gabhart

“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.” (Fydor Dostoevski) *sigh* great topic Ann, tell us more!

What can be more romantic than love at first sight? You meet that perfect someone and instantly know. A match made in heaven. A love written in the stars. We tell young people to wait for the “right one” to come along as though the heart has a place reserved for one’s true love even before that first sight.

But some people find the idea of love at first sight too hard to believe and something that only happens in fairytales. To them, love must be sought, chased, and captured and not something that might step up and engulf a person. Love does need to grow over time to be strong enough to bind a couple together for life, but that love can begin with a spark of attraction. You meet the person of your dreams, bells start ringing and your head starts spinning. That may be the stuff of romance, but I think it can happen. So with your help, I’m taking a very unscientific survey. Simply answer the question below about whether you think attraction can be immediate and romantic.

I can’t answer for you, but I can for me. I was very young when I met my husband-to-be at a high school football game. Too young to be dating, if truth be told. But I was getting “set out” as people liked to say back then. That’s another way of saying boy crazy. Naturally, since I was an avid reader, I’d sighed over my share of romantic stories. Not only that, but I was already scribbling down my own stories where I was eager for my characters to discover romance. So you might think I was ready to look with romantic eyes at any boy who smiled my way. That was far from true. Some of them I didn’t like at all. But, in spite of my tender years, I was attracted to my future husband at first sight. I can still pull up that moment in my memory bank and see how he looked at first sight. Add to that, my mother telling me how the moment she laid eyes on my father she knew he was the man she was going to marry, and you begin to see why I don’t find a thing unbelievable about my fictional characters feeling that spark of attraction as soon as I get them on the same page of one of my books.

So, do you believe in love at first sight? Were you attracted to the one you love at first sight or did it take time for the attraction to grow?

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