Guest Post – Making the Switch, by a male author

Guest Post – Making the Switch, by a male author

Erotica to Erotic Romance by a Male Author

If you’ve been following this blog at all and have seen my few posts pertaining to writing and erotic material. I’ve been more than happy to talk at length about it honestly .

One of the more interesting components of writing however, is the slow shift I’m making toward true, erotic romance. That is, stories where the sex forwards the story AND there is a deep emotional component to not just the sex, but everything else. Authors like Angela Knight, JR Ward and Rebecca York have been heavyweights in the development of my career along with Stacia King and Keri Arthur
have been inspiration to push the boundaries of emotional depths further than I ever have before.

The process of moving into more romance oriented themes will involve switching gears and focus. Yes, the plot will still play a part of the book, that’s how any writer gets a book written. But the depth of emotion in past books of mine, while not lacking , could go deeper. Particularly in the shorter pieces, as it’s been hard to cram emotional depth into a 12k story.

Yes, the reviewers love my books and I’m grateful but to be truthful, only my agents and a few loyal beta readers have seen my best work. The depth in longer pieces has allowed me to get through more complex issues between the couple while leading the reader on a deeper emotional journey. The fun will come in exploring not just anger but irate vehemence, not just lust but passion, and not just love, but true, romantic feelings where the characters learn what it really means to be in their relationship, and then still want to continue.

I’m looking forward to releasing these books actually. The fact is, I’ve always enjoyed reading complex stories where I can envision myself in the characters shoes. The highs, lows, ups, downs, emotional rollercoaster (lota emotions here heh!) makes for a thrilling book and gives me a chance to bond more with you, the reader as you dig deeper into my worlds. It’s a chance for me to expand my reader base, and ultimately that’s any author’s goal.

How do you feel about your favorite authors expanding out to different audiences?

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