Guest Post – Heroines to the Rescue – by Sascha Illyvich

Guest Post – Heroines to the Rescue – by Sascha Illyvich
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Sascha IllyvichRecently on twitter, I asked readers to help with plot points in my near finished paranormal erotic romance Saint in Sinner’s Eyes. The overall plot is done so things are wrapped up, but I needed to create a disaster that would affect my hero enough that he began to realize just how far down he’d sunk into depression that only the heroine could pull him out of.

In the previous book I did something similar with the hero and heroine. She was a rather kick ass heroine, even though in the world she lived in, she was basically human. Both women share the duty of dealing with shape shifting pumas, both heroines share the duty of dealing with spies, only in Burning for Derrick is my hero an ex spook.

Both men suffer from sleepless nights, nightmares, terrors, and all of the mental abuse and stress that someone in espionage would go through, and in the world I created, all that paranoia is doubled by the fact that both my heroes are shifters, spreading themselves thin while they danced across the line between humanity and animalistic instinct.

In the grand scheme of romance, the hero and heroine must balance each other out and in my stories, that balance is created through the realization of their true love for each other, overcoming all the obstacles they face. But I realized that my heroine was stronger than the typical heroine because the damage done to them wasn’t such that it halted them. Rather, it just hindered them slightly and made them more or less act like saviors to the hero.

In truth, my heroines weren’t the ones in need of saving, my heroes were. My heroes in both Burning for Derrick and Saint in Sinner’s Eyes need something obviously only the heroine can give them, but I realized I carried this theme even farther back when I started my Opeth Pack Saga. In giving most of my heroes two mates it allowed me to branch into the ménage erotic romance market, but it also let me split up the heroine’s personality among two women in order to aid our damaged heroes.

Traditionally the hero comes to the rescue in romance novels but why can’t the heroine come to his aid?

Secretly, there are times when the Alpha Male doesn’t yearn for control, he longs to give it up, just for a moment. I’m currently making my way through the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and enjoying it, loving just how rich the characters are with their flaws. All of the males are so damaged emotionally and even mentally that it takes a truly strong heroine to not only love them, but deal with them. And the stories don’t stop after the character gets their book. We’re still seeing Wrath’s newfound issues in Lover Avenged. In Phury’s book Lover Enshrined, we see just how completely messed up that male is because the woman who wants him has to basically walk out on him to make him realize just how badly he needs help. When he finally comes to someone for help it’s not his Brothers, it’s her.

Since Romance is truly the Heroine’s Journey, it only makes sense that they should take a place in the spotlight in nontraditional terms.

Comment below, I’d love to here your perspective?

Sascha Illyvich

Author Bio:
A native of Texas, I moved to California six years ago seeking something unique. Oh and there was a girl involved.

I started writing thirteen years ago, releasing poetry and an occasional short erotica story before focusing on kinky erotic romance in various subgenres. My books have been listed under the Road to Romance’s Recommended read list, as well nominated for the CAPA.

Sascha Illyvich
You can find Sascha on his website | Twitter | Facebook | Free excerpts & more about his books here

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