Guest Post – Unleashing Your Inner Tiger, by Crystal Jordan + Giveaway!

Guest Post – Unleashing Your Inner Tiger, by Crystal Jordan + Giveaway!

For whatever reason we don’t seem to introduce enough paranormal romance on R@R – I’m planning on changing that especially with ICED by KMM coming out October 30th — sound like a plan? Enjoy Crystals post -

I write a lot of shapeshifters–werewolves, lions, tiger, bears, hyenas, sharks–you name an animal and I’ve probably tried it. I even had a swan-shifter once. That’s right, a swam. She was chain-smoker in her human form, because she couldn’t handle being too cute.

There are a lot of reasons that shifters exist in my various books and series. Sometimes it’s magic, a curse, science experiment (or science accident–oopsie!), aliens, and sometimes a combination of one or more of those. The explanations can be pretty out there and that’s what makes it interesting for me. I get to make stuff up. How cool is that? And my mother used to wash my mouth out with soap for telling stories. Ha! Little did she know.

But I digress… One of the things that tends to underlie all of the shifters I write–no matter what created the shifters in the first place–is that the type of animal the person becomes is somehow reflected in their personality. Or juxtaposes it, as in the case of my chain-smoking swan. For the world of UNLEASHED, this is even more intensified, because biological warfare (in the not-too-distant future) made everyone a predator shifter. If it has fangs or claws, someone can shift into it. Very dangerous world, when the skinny tech nerd can shift into a grizzly or a great white. You can bet I had a lot of fun writing this story.

Occasionally, it leads me to think about what kind of animal I would be, if magic or science suddenly whacked me with the shifter-power. I might also think sometimes about what kind of animals my friends would be (one of them would totally–and proudly–be a cougar. You can guess why). For me? Hmm. I think I’d be a tiger. Cute to look at, and you want to cuddle it, but watch out for the claws! Yes, definitely a tiger. Or if I was going to go against personality type, I’d be a panda bear. Still cute, but totally lazy and just likes to hang around and eat bamboo all day long. Definitely not like my worker-bee self at all.

So tell me, if you were going to be transformed into a shapeshifter, what animal would you be? How is it a reflection of (or against) your personality? One lucky commenter will win a signed copy of UNLEASHED. WINNER ANNOUNCED

Author Bio:crystal jordanCrystal Jordan is originally from California, but has lived all over the United States. Currently, she serves as a librarian at a university in her home state, and she writes paranormal, contemporary, futuristic, and erotic romance.

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