Guilty Pleasures Plus Giveaway!!

Guilty Pleasures Plus Giveaway!!
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Guilty Pleasure Reads…Prepare to Defend Yourself… Even If You Don’t Have To

In last month’s blog I surprised myself by responding to a commenter by saying “I’ll admit…” I’ll admit? As if I perhaps shouldn’t?? Because what? Because of what someone might say or think? I unashamedly read romances, but yet I felt I had to qualify my response in order to make myself feel less guilty…

I’ll say it again; I’m a Twilight addict, a Twihard. As in I read and enjoy rereading the Twilight Saga. All of them. Even Breaking Dawn…

Why did I feel this way? I’ve always been able to freely admit I love to read romances. I used to have discussions with my first book store manager. He would ask me, “You’re so smart. Why do you read romances?” Yes, mentally rolling my eyes I’d explain to him so that he could better understand. Never once ashamed of what I read our discussions in later years became, “Okay, tell me again what the appeal of the pregnancy or children storylines are? How can it be romantic?”

But why was it that I felt, amongst romance readers, I had to take a defensive action when
responding? Are there books out there that even ROMANCE READERS are ashamed of reading?

Later I had a discussion about guilty pleasure books with a friend of mine who reluctantly “admitted” that she also continues to read a series even though the last few titles have been a disappointment to her. Yet in the next breath she’s saying she can’t wait until the next one comes out… Oh yeah, another one bites the dust in honor of the guilty pleasure read! Though, I’m also addicted to that same series and I am, in fact, counting down the days for the next installment! Yet she was reluctant to tell me? What is it about these series that we’re willing to look past any disappointment and continue reading? Not just continue reading, but anxiously await the next book in the series?
So, what book or series do you consider your guilty pleasure? What books do you read over and over, yet might not want to completely admit to your obsession? Cough, cough Twilight cough, cough …
Guilty Pleasures Mash-Up Special:

Harry Potter – One part Butter Beer and a BIG (because the books ARE long) helping of Bertie Botts and read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, because that’s where the obsession started.
The Black Dagger Brotherhood – Get out your leather pants, listen to rap music, while sipping some Goose (Grey Goose that is) and read Lover Awakened by JR Ward.

In Death series – Tofu dog, tube of Pepsi and any JD Robb ‘In Death’ book, because truly all you need is Rourke…

What is your guilty pleasure? Comment below – 5 winners will be chosen & announced on Sunday to win a FREE book – Good Luck!!

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