Happy Book Birthday ~ DREAMWEAVER TRAIL by Emily March is Here

Happy Book Birthday  ~ DREAMWEAVER TRAIL by Emily March is Here

Happy Book Birthday to Emily March and her next book in the Eternity Springs series. Over the Memorial Day weekend we drove through many a small town on our way to our destination and the thing I love about small towns is that there is always something quaint and new and in Emily’s new book, Dreamweaver Trail, this also holds true. This is Emily’s 9th book in her Eternity Springs series and the question we asked her to answer for us today, on her book’s birthday, is what does she like most about being a writer . . . . . enjoy!!

Readers often ask me what I like best about being a writer.

Going to work in my sleep shirt ranks right up there.

Being able to work anywhere I can charge my computer is another. One of the most rewarding moments came the summer after my first Eternity Springs books were published when I opened an email from a woman who worked for the Colorado Department of Tourism. She explained that they’d had a number of queries from tourists wishing to visit Eternity Springs. While she believed that it must be a fictional town, since Colorado was a big state, she wanted to make sure she hadn’t overlooked one of their towns since so many people were wanting to visit. That was such a terrific compliment.

Having a reader tell me she wishes she could visit the fictional places I create or meet the characters I’ve invented is so fulfilling to me as a writer.

I’m a dreamer, so being able to spend my days creating stories where characters face their problems and find their happily-ever-after makes me recognize that I have one of the best job in the world. I know how lucky I am to have found my life’s calling.

That sense of fulfillment is what I wanted for the heroine of DREAMWEAVER TRAIL. Gabi Romano feels her life is drifting when she leaves her job and struggles to find her place in the world again. She doesn’t want just another job or just another relationship, she wants a life she loves. She wants a life she is passionate about.emily

Don’t we all search for that one way or another?

In the course of the story, Gabi has an experience and a moment where it “clicks” and she knows what she wants. She finds passion, not just in the people in her life, but in her work life, too. I had one of those moments as writer when I read that email. I’m so lucky to be able to live out my passion each day. Writing excites me, challenges me, and keeps me going through one looming deadline after another.

Is every day glamorous? Far from it. Would I trade it for any other job? Never. In fiction writing, I have found my passion.

So here’s my question to you: What part of your life are you passionate about?

If you enjoy contemporary romance you’ll love Emily’s series – buy her books here

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