Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! I know it’s a little early but I always get so excited by the fireworks and parades and the food and the good times that, to me, epitomize summer.

Fourth of July always reminds me of when I was a kid. My Grandma owned a house on a lake and every weekend in the summer my mom and dad would pack up the car, hook up the boat and away we would go the lake house. We boated, we ate, we lazed in the sun.

It was perfect.

Even at the time I knew it was perfect.

What I especially remember was July 4, 1976. Yes, that probably dates me but its one of the single most impressive memories of my youth. The country really did up the bicentennial. Everything was either painted red, white and blue, or red, white and blue was hanging everywhere. Even the fire hydrants didn’t escape a makeover (that memory is so crystal clear).

As we did every July 4th we took our boat out that night and anchored it in the middle of the lake and waited for the fireworks. Night boating was always special because we didn’t always do it. At night the lake took on a different quality. A bit mysterious, a bit spooky.

But that night there were hundreds of boats on the lake all waiting for the special bicentennial fireworks display.firewrk

I remember tilting my head so far back that I got a crick in my neck.

If there was a particular one I really enjoyed I would beg my dad to honk the boat horn and he would along with most of the other boaters.

They had fireworks in the shape of an American flag and that one looked like a smiley face. It seemed to go on and on and on.

That night was so magical to me to the point that every July 4th I think about it and smile.

Do you have any favorite memories from the Fourth of July? Any special summer memories that make you smile to this day?

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