Happy Kiss Your Mate Day!

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Lauren Layne

Well, it’s Kiss Your Mate Day, and I figure there are two groups of people that are bound to know about this under appreciated holiday:

(1) romance authors (that’s me!)

(2) magazine columnists who write “the sexy stuff” (my characters!)

For those of you new to my Stiletto series, is about the women of Stiletto magazine who will do anything for a story … except fall in love. (Ha! We’ll see about that, ladies!)

Today I’m celebrating Kiss Your Mate Day by, well, kissing my mate—yoo hoo! Mr. Layne, where are you?
— as well as giving the ladies from Stiletto magazine a little chance to weigh in on the ins-and-outs of a good kiss.

First up is Julie, who had this little gem to share in After the Kiss on the BAD first kisses. Listen up, gentlemen, and put these on your “what not to do!” list.

Lauren Layne
Julie, Stiletto Editor

  • The Slug. Involves a tongue that is shoved into one’s mouth and just . . . stays there, completely immobile, as though its very presence is supposed to light your fire. It doesn’t.
  • The Labrador. Also referred to as Bad Dog! Another tongue offender. Hint: if either party’s face is wet after a kiss, you’re doing it wrong. Julie carried baby wipes for just this occasion.
  • The Heavy Breather. No. Just . . . no. Your short-rib-scented breath should never be all up in someone else’s business.
  • The Dentist. This one has multiple meanings. It can refer to trying to clean someone else’s molars with your tongue, or repeated grinding with the front teeth. Saliva exchange is acceptable. Plaque? Not so much.
  • Poke and Swirl. Self-explanatory. Also, horrifying.
  • The Biter. A gentle nip is okay, but drawing blood? Only sexy if it involves one of the hot guys from Buffy.
  • And Julie’s personal least favorite . . .

    The Moaner. Sure, a sexy moan here and there can be a turn-on—when it comes from the woman. A man going all Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally? So wrong.

    But although Julie prides herself in being the first kiss expert, Riley McKenna, heroine of the recently released Just One Night has a few things to add now that she’s finally landed her man after ten years of sexual tension!lauren layne

    From Riley, kissing is about the lips, sure, but it’s also about his hands. Yep. His hands. Where he puts them is the difference between a “meh” kiss, and THE kiss, and it’s all about personal preference. Take a look:

    (1) The Embrace: You know the one. Limbs are locked, bodies are as close as they can get, and his hands are EVERYWHERE. It’s not graceful, it’s maybe not even comfortable, but rest-assured … it’s hot!

    (2) The Leg-lock: Note that while this was definitely is worth mentioning, it should be attempted only if the man is very strong, the woman very limber, and if you’re Allie and Noah from The Notebook. Her legs around his waist, his arms around her back… swoon!

    (3) The Tentative Hold: Less obvious than the other kisses, this is the sweet kind often found in first kisses where you’re a little surprised that your lips find each other. Maybe his hand finds your neck, maybe it lands on your waist, or slides around to your back. It doesn’t matter so long as his hands are ON you.

    lauren layne
    Riley, Stiletto Editor

    (4) The Classic: Your arms around his neck, his around your waist. The kind of kiss that can and SHOULD go on and on and on …

    (5) The Shoulder Grab: The hot and furious one where he grabs your shoulders and plants one on you, and you can do little more but hold on …

    (6) The Head-Holder: A relative of The Shoulder Grab, and in our opinion, the Holy Grail of kisses. The one where he’s got both of his hands on your face, cupping your head, and it’s absolutely perfect.

    Okay, so girl-talk time. What’s YOUR favorite type of kiss? Share in the comments below and then go find your mate and celebrate one of the most under-appreciated holidays.

    Happy Kiss Your Mate Day!

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