WINNERS ANNOUNCED – WILD WAYS: The Top 5 Things I Love About Navy SEALS + Giveaway!!

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Courtesy of Getty’s John Moore – Fallujah in 2007

Have you met the J-Men yet? Get the intro in WILD HEARTS, a quick way to meet all the guys and find out what they’re all about; WILD ON YOU gives you the skinny on Risk *sigh*; and now WILD WAYS, Julian’s story! Read about his search for a missing woman amongst motorcycle chaos and criminals testing Julian’s mega-SEAL qualities *hot*!

We’ve asked Tina, the author of WILD WAYS, to share the 5 reasons SEALS are to-die-for, here they are!


#1 – Not only are they physically fit, they’re mentally fit. They have incredible endurance, good for carrying equipment, supplies, weapons … but it also comes in handy for carrying his lady, if necessary. Or, as in WILD WAYS, fighting several bad biker dudes while bound up in the water.

#2 – They take danger in stride. Bad guys lying in wait, eager to take out American soldiers … bring it on. They’re ready for anything and not afraid. After facing terrorists in the Middle East, walking into a hostile biker bar is no problem for Julian. Facing some bad dudes to help a woman in trouble… he’s on it.

#3 – They’re committed … to their careers, to their country, and to the woman who steals their heart. Even though Mollie turns down Julian’s offer of help when she’s about to meet an outlaw biker for information about her missing sister, he sticks around anyway. And while Mollie’s sure he’ll lose interest in her case before long, Julian knows he’s sticking around to the end … and longer.

#4 – SEALs are non-conformists. While the military is about following rules and maintaining standards, SEALs have leeway, donning beards and long hair as they blend into their surroundings.

#5 – SEALs are tough, but tender. Well, Julian is. Those same hands that expertly fire a weapon are amazingly gentle as they coax Mollie from her protective shell, both body and in spirit.

What about you – what do you love about SEALS?

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Tina WainscottTina WainscottTina Wainscott

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