Happy #ValentinesDay from R@R + 20 book Giveaway – Crazy!

Happy #ValentinesDay from R@R + 20 book Giveaway – Crazy!
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valentine's dayHappy Valentine’s peeps! We’ve asked our authors what is the most favorite gift they’ve given or received on Valentine’s Day – their answers are below – enjoy!

For Valentine’s, there is only one way to my heart and that’s with a bouquet of tulips and hockey tickets. My husband always comes through every year, not only with those two things but also with a box of chocolates and a card that reminds me how much he loves me. For him, I always get a box of Whitman’s chocolates because it is his favorite chocolate. For the kids, I get them SpongeBob box of crabby patties and they just love that. This year though, my husband and I are going to Nashville to spend the night and just enjoy each other. Its our 16th Valentine’s day together and each one get better and better. He is the reason I write love stories, because he loves me so much.
Toni Aleo ~
Author of the Assassins series: Taking Shots; Trying to Score; Empty Net on sale in April!! & Blue Lines this fall
Toni Aleo |Facebook | Twitter

Music. For years, my husband and I have exchanged mixtapes and playlists–to flirt, to comfort, to encourage, or to tease. One of my favorites was one he made for me during those hardest, weepiest, sweetest first days of caring for our newborn. Hearing songs from that playlist still choke me up. But we also exchange them as Valentine’s–to communicate all those things that words, even for a writer, don’t fully express. Receiving a mixtape (or mixed CD, really) or playlist from the one you love is a singular thrill—it’s a like a coded love letter. Listening to one, I have some insight to some of his deepest, or even nuttiest, feelings about me. Making one for him, I can make choices that are braver and sexier and more interesting than I might normally make with words or actions. Music from the one that you love marks your time together like a diary. It scores the memories. It’s a private soundtrack, and all the songs are “your songs.” ~ Mary Ann Rivers, author of THE STORY GUY on sale 7/8/2013

Author Ruth Owen writes: While unlimited supplies of chocolate are always welcome, the absolute best gift I ever got for Valentine’s Day was the gift of time. ruth owen I was under contract on a book and behind on my due date. A friend took over my life for a week—handling the groceries, walking the dog, etc. It might not seem like a very romantic gesture, but it was one of the most memorable and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received, from a hero with a very big heart!

Here’s a story about one of my favorite valentine’s days. It was organized by my English boyfriend, when I lived in London, England quite a few years ago. We were living together and he surprised me in the morning by pulling out a suitcase he’d packed for us, and then telling me to grab my passport. A limousine picked us up at 8am, and as we drove to the airport we had champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Then he blindfolded me and walked me to the check in. I had no idea what check in line we were in, and the staff on the counter played along (not sure that would happen these days). The passport turned out to be a ruse. He took me to the Scottish Highlands (I’m part Scottish, thanks to my grandmother), to a luxury resort set in an old Scottish castle. It was so romantic. We went hiking, played a round of golf on their private course, had a late picnic lunch by the loch, and then a very formal dinner that night. It was a perfect valentine’s day. However, if I think about it, Valentine’s day isn’t so much what you do, it’s who you spend it with that makes it special! ~ Brownwen Evans historical romance author | Twitter | Facebook

sharon cullenI would much prefer the gift of time. My husband and I both work jobs with non-normal hours so we don’t normally spend Valentine’s Days together because one of us is usually working. But if I could plan the perfect Valentine gift my husband would give me it would be dinner out (it doesn’t even have to be somewhere fancy. The local TGI Fridays is fine), then a trip to the bookstore where we both spend a significant amount of time roaming the aisles, and each of us buying a book. Actually, that’s how we spend most of our anniversaries *smiles* ~ Sharon Cullen author of the recently released, THE NOTORIOUS LADY ANNE | Twitter | Facebook

ruthie knox

Tacos! My husband always makes me tacos (refried beans, cheese, onions, we don’t need no stinkin lettuce) every year on my birthday and also, if I’m lucky on Valentine’s Day. They are tasty, but more to the point they are Special Birthday Tacos, only extended to Valentine’s Day on sufferance, and therefore a symbol of his love. *nomnomnom* ~ Ruthie Knox | Twitter | Facebook
Author of the super sexy Camelot Romance series: How to Misbehave (1/28); Along Came Trouble (3/11); Flirting with Disaster (6/10) – Look for Roman Holiday in August

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Favorite gift I ever received… No mention had been made about the holiday, no plans were made, and I was beginning to think maybe he’d forgotten, or worse, wasn’t particularly inspired to do anything special. So imagine my surprise when, three days before the holiday, there was a small box of chocolates left on the breakfast table for me to find. That alone was pretty sweet and I was all “awww…he remembered, and not after the fact when I was forced to subtly remind him…” Then I opened the box (what, chocolate for breakfast is perfectly healthy!) and, imagine my shock when, on top of the caramel cashew nut clusters (my favorites!) were plane tickets to NYC, third row seats to a play I was dying to see, and a room in a small boutique hotel where every room had a specific theme. (I’m not sharing our theme…some things I don’t kiss & tell. Use your imagination.) I got a text message a few minutes later telling me to pack and be ready to go by two….

I was ready by noon. *giggles*
Donna Kauffman bestselling romance author | Twitter | Facebook | Buy her books here

One half of me is yours, the other half yours
Mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours,
And so all yours.
(Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice, 3.2.17-9)

If I could put in a request for my perfect Valentines Day then I would ask for hot sunny skies, azure seas and white sand. There would chocolate of course, (kept out of the sun) the kind that when you pop it in your mouth you make a small humming sound of appreciation, and a bottle of nicely chilled champagne. wendy vella
However in reality what usually happens is I cook a lovely meal for two, give my hubby a card with the words that tell him he’s worth keeping, even after 29 years, and we settle in for a quiet night. Of course there is the compulsory giving and receiving of chocolate that we both end up eating before a child arrives home and we have to share. ~ Wendy Vella | Facebook | Twitter

There are a lot of fun ways to go when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for us girls, but let’s face it–guys are hard to shop for. Just one of the many reasons I think my favorite romantic gift to give or receive is a massage. And I don’t mean a gift certificate to go see a massage therapist (although that could also be very nice, if it weren’t universal date night). I mean my man rolling up his sleeves, breaking out the massage oil, and showing my knotted-up muscles who’s boss. Maybe some candles for mood lighting, you know? It’s budget-friendly, it’s deeply personal, it’s fun to reciprocate, and it’s something you can’t do for yourself, unless you’re seriously double-jointed. It’s a fun way to set aside time when your attention will be focused on each other, and you get to watch him flex his arms. A lot. Need I say more? Even if your guy isn’t so sure about this idea, I think it’s worth getting him to try it at least once. It may be that he just hasn’t realized yet how much fun he’ll have making you purr. ~ Sally Eggert, author of the soon to be release, IN THE DARK – A Loveswept Romantic Suspense!

stacey kennedy

Is Valentine’s Day the perfect occasion to receive roses and chocolate? Perhaps, but it’s also the time the lingerie store brings in fancy red lace!

We’ll get back to that in a minute…

I’ve always believed Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with your favorite things and remind yourself why you’re in love. For me, the perfect Valentine’s gift would be dinner with my hubby, without the kids. Because one thing is true, we never have enough time alone together. Add in a couple glasses of White Zinfandel into the mix, and the night is just getting better!

After dinner, we’d go to a movie. Not one of my hubby’s beloved actions movies, but a chick flick that he’ll watch simply because he loves me. Lastly, and getting back to what I mentioned earlier, receiving lingerie for Valentine’s is kind of a win-win. Of course, the lingerie was intended for you, but really, I’m sure your lover will appreciate the little something sexy as much as you do. ~ Stacey Kennedy author of CLAIMED, a Loveswept erotic story coming soon | Twitter | Facebook

My favorite gift is a Valentine card.

While researching a novella years ago, I discovered that during the Victorian period, courting couples exchanged elaborate cards on February 14 which were manufactured by a Valentine maker. That became the inspiration for a story about a woman who is asked to help a man she loves by penning a Valentine—for someone else. While the New York Times took a dim view of mass produced cards in the 1800’s, stating that “many of which are cheap and indecent,” I still love the cards. katie roseWhen we were little, we would race to school just to see those little white envelopes placed secretly in our desks. There was the excitement of opening the sealed paper, and the thrill of seeing that little red heart tucked inside, sparkling with glitter and paper lace. Even if you only got one from the teacher, there was something about getting a Valentine that made me feel special and still does today. ~ Katie Rose, historical romance author – Loveswept -

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