Heroine hobbies in romance novels, why are they so . . . odd?

Heroine hobbies in romance novels, why are they so . . . odd?

I was on the way to the gym the other night and I was listening to one of my most fave books on tape, A MAN TO CALL MY OWN by Johanna Lindsey (she’s like one of my all time faves – I really need to sit down one day and figure out why I love her books so much) – our heroine, Marion, needed to occupy herself with other things, and thoughts, something other than her next door neighbor, sexy rancher, Chad – so, she decided to paint – although, much to her chagrin, the first rendering turned out to be Chad – LOL.Sexy romance hero

That prompted a thought – romance heroines, historical romance heroines in particular, have the most unusual hobbies. Or maybe I shouldn’t say, unusual, because for their time period they were common hobbies . . . so maybe I should say they are not typical hobbies, especially for today — really, who paints today?

Another hobby heroines in historical romances seem to all have is that they read – lots, and while they are in the library looking for books to read that is also typically the place where they find the hero too . . . . or he finds her.
Maybe that is why they read lots – to get cornered in the library with the hero :)

In most historical romances we find most heroines love horseback riding; contemporary romances, they like to drive fast cars; paranormal romances, they fly with fast vampires, or vampires take them on fast flights . . . something like that.

Do heroines in contemporary romances ever do normal things? Go to the movies with their friends? Bike riding? Oh yes, RIDE WITH ME by Ruthie Knox, our heroine rode cross country (bike riding is normal, but the cross country part is for the professionals IMO) . . . . in DROP DEAD GORGEOUS by Linda Howard, the heroine worked out at the gym . . . let’s see, what other interesting hobbies have romance heroines enjoyed? Love to hear what comes to mind.

scrapbooking I’m anxious to see your comments, this could be very fun!

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