Devin McClain is every country music lover’s dream man, and he’s in danger. No one knows if the threat is coming from the “super” fans who basically stalk his every move, a jilted lover, or a jealous husband,. But management demands extra security measures be taken after a crew member is brutally attacked.

Liberty Masterson is a former soldier, trained in elite personal security. She’s signed on to keep Devin safe posing as his personal assistant/girlfriend on their four month long tour.  While Liberty may not like the egotistical jerk, she’s more than up for the challenge of guarding him. Even if that means trading in her no nonsense style and combat boots for a look more suited to one of his groupies. What she hadn’t planned on was falling for the soulful man behind the star, and Liberty feels she’s on the road to heartbreak.  How could she ever be enough for a man used to having women at his beck and call? Can the highs they experience together on the road translate into something permanent?

Devin never realized when he set out to make music there would be so much trouble from being in the public eye.  He’s upset with the added security measures, and his ego’s a little bruised knowing his protection is being handled by a woman. Things get off to a very bad start when Devin opens his mouth and lets the insults fly. He regrets every rude word when he realizes what an amazing woman Liberty is. Simmering attraction and close quarters make it impossible to resist her, and he doesn’t want to.  Can he convince her what they share goes way beyond a temporary fling?

I was expecting a fun, sexy romance and was excited because I LOVE me a sexy cowboy as the lead! Giddy up, baby!  But with Hillbilly Rockstar you get more. At the heart of this story were two strong, guarded people opening their hearts, and baring souls.  They come to rely heavily on each other and soon Devin and Liberty’s friendship turns into an all-consuming romance.   These two have combustible chemistry which leads to sexy-times that will light your fires!  Devin was thoroughly HOT, bossy, and kinky behind closed doors, and Liberty was willing to put her pleasure in his hands. Oh my, Lorelei James knows how to write some sizzling scenes!

Navigating their romance while dodging danger and dealing with threats gets tricky and tempers flare, but for the most part they deal with the outside pressures maturely.  That was no easy feat because Devin’s life certainly attracted the crazies. As far as the mystery goes, I kept trying to figure out who was responsible for all the trouble, and was quite surprised when it all came to light.

Lorelei James masterfully combined romance, mystery and suspense in Hillbilly Rockstar, making this one addictive read.  I haven’t read the other books in The Blacktop Cowboys series, and it wasn’t necessary to enjoy this installment, but you can bet I’ll be getting to them soon.



Rachel loves being swept away by romances and has spent countless late nights thinking “just one more page…” For more of her bookish thoughts and reviews you can find her on The Readers Den or connect with her on Twitter.

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