Hockey Players ARE Sexy!

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Courtesy of CBS Chicago files

Okay, I admit… it’s true. When I was first introduced to the sport of hockey, I never saw the players as hot. Or sexy. Or as imminently lickable.

In fact, my first NHL game was when my dad took me to see his beloved (and now my beloved) Pittsburgh Penguins about twenty-five years ago. I had never seen a game before in my life and I remember being enthralled when one of the players took a puck to the chin. He bled all over the ice as he calmly skated over to his bench. I was most impressed when the refs started kicking at the frozen blood to get it off the ice. They made a big pile of frozen, blood slush and kicked it into the back of one of the nets. From that day forward, I was hooked on the sport.

Pittsburgh Penguins
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Yes, on its face, hockey is not a sexy sport. Many of the players are missing their teeth and are covered in facial scars, they wear bulky pads and uniforms that do nothing to showcase those hot bods underneath, and they’re pretty blood thirsty out on the ice (which may, or may not, be a turn off).

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According to Scarborough Sports Marketing, 36% of the NHL fan base is female, which makes for a whole lot of estrogen that watches the on-ice action. But I believe most women would say they watch the sport, not for the hotties in skates, but because the action is fast paced, exciting and keeps your attention. I, personally, love the physicality of it. There’s something about a man that can drop his gloves in a nanosecond to bare-knuckle brawl with his opponent that makes me squirm in my seat. I’m thinking to myself, “Yup… that right there is a real man.”

Yes, hockey players are sexy. And much of that has to do with the fact they can sustain an orbital bone fracture in the first period, and come out to play in the second period with nothing but a shot of anesthetic and a face shield. Let’s admit it… if that was an NBA or NFL player, they would have taken a trip to the emergency room via ambulance in that same nanosecond.

So, what makes a hockey player sexy? Oh, please… let me count the ways.

1. Hockey players are “community-centric” – Let’s look at the Detroit’s Red Wings, Henrik Zetterberg. You’ll first notice, that yes, this Swede is HOT (notice the Jared Leto resemblance?). But man, does he have a conscience. He was given the 2012-2013 NHL Foundation Player Award which recognizes the NHL player who applies values of commitment, perseverance and teamwork to enrich the lives of the people in their communities. While you can read more about Henrik’s causes and his award, what drew me most to this stud was how he personally matched donations for the Red Wings annual Smoke Detector Collection for low income and physically disabled residents.

Henrik Zetterberg, Courtesy of Vancity Buzz

Hockey players are social activists – Check out Andy Miele, who won the Hobey Baker Memorial Award designating him the top college hockey player in 2011. He plays for the American Hockey League for the Portland Pirates, an affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes and he has more than just good looks going for him. I love that he sits on the advisory board for You Can Play, an organization dedicated to eradicate homophobia in sports. Yup, that right there is pretty freakin’ sexy to me, because even in our day and age, being an outwardly gay sports player can be a death sentence to your career. His support of such a cause is courage at its finest and courage equals sexy any day of the week.

Andy Miele Courtesy of

3. Hockey players are animal lovers – And damn… that gets me in the heartstrings. Let’s check out David Backes of the St. Louis Blues, who along with wife Kelly, founded the charitable organization Athletes for Animals, dedicated to rescuing and protecting the welfare of homeless pets. Seriously, do I need to say more? That is beyond sexy!!!

David Backes Courtesy of

4. Hockey players love surprises – Oh yeah, jumping out at me in nothing but a towel after a steamy shower would be a fantastic surprise. But how about showing up somewhere with no fanfare or prior knowledge, no press or media coverage, just to spend time with some sick kids back in your home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia? Talking about my boy, Sidney Crosby, who is quite the hockey hottie.

Courtesy of Liptz blogspot

5. Some hockey players are just fashion magazine hot – Okay, maybe only one hockey player is that gorgeous. I’m sure most women would agree, Henrik Lundquist is the sexiest player in the league. ‘Nuf said but I’d welcome anyone to try to prove me wrong by sending me pictures of gorgeous hockey players. Please… please, prove me wrong!

Henrik Lundqvist Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Those are just a few reasons why hockey players are sexy. In my research, I came across many photos of some beautiful NHL’ers. Cosmpolitan Magazine even has their top 30 Hot Hockey Players each year, and while I didn’t have time to extol all of the virtues of these men, you can spend a lovely few minutes and check them out yourself.

Now, if you want to read about a truly sexy, hockey player that maybe a bit tortured, a lot alpha and a beast in the bedroom, then you need to check out my novel, Alex (Carolina Cold Fury #1). It will be publishing with Loveswept on October 14, 2014 and he is so hot, the arena ice is always in danger of melting.

No Stupid Air Kisses From Me… Big Ol’ Sloppy Kiss,


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