Holiday Blues and Things That Pick Me Up! + giveaway!

Holiday Blues and Things That Pick Me Up! + giveaway!
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Holiday Blues and Things That Pick Me Up! by Keira Gillett

Love Romance Passion

Thanks Sue for inviting me here today at Romance At Random!

Show of hands—how many of you have finished your shopping already? How many are still running around trying to find everything? I see with these two questions I got all of your attention! Ha! So now my next is—what are you doing for yourself? Nothing? For shame! Here are 5 things I’m doing this holiday season that kicks holiday blues to the curb, relaxes me and gives me great pleasure (And I’m not just talking about abducting Robert Pattinson for a weekend, rawr!!! Down girl! lol):

1.) Bubble Baths: Seriously, a bubble bath has got to be the most relaxing activity you could do. Imagine yourself sinking into a warm fragrant bath up to your chin, a dozen scented candles softly glowing, some ambient music and a good book to read. Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

2.) Drinking Mint Hot Chocolate: I love hot chocolate (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, do you?) and mint hot chocolate is the best. I like to make it in my gigantic Scrabble cups so that I can slowly savor it that much longer. Delicious.

3.) Going to the Movies: Specifically the new Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows movie opening on December 16. Can we say hawt? Hot! I cannot wait to go see this movie. It looks like it will be epic and with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. to ogle? Yeah, a very pleasurable evening! ;)

4.) Get My Nails Done: I used to get my nails done only very rarely. I didn’t see the point spending money on a manicure and only have it last a week. But my mom recently discovered Shellac by CND, which goes straight on the nail, and it lasts forever. I go about 4 weeks between appointments and they look fresh and stay chip free the whole time. It’s amazing. For the holidays I’m going to get snowflake nail art on my ring fingernails. It’ll be so pretty and a definite treat! Now I just have to decide on the color. Tough choice, I know but somebody has to do it, right? :D

5.) Read a few new books: For a full list of romance novels coming out check out the monthly book list. I bet you walk away with a few new additions to your TBR pile. But you know what? You’re totally worth it, so go ahead and grab a few more!

What will you be doing for yourself this season? Share in the comments below! Giveaway to 5 randomly chosen commenters each week — winners announced on Sunday – good luck!!

Keira Gillett reviews all kinds of romance genres at Love Love Romance. She’s what’s considered an equal opportunity reader-reviewer. Her (I got-to-have-more/can’t-get-enough-of) hero types are either: blind, scarred or wounded. Wonder what that’s about? *g* Find her on Twitter.

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