Holiday decorations . . . when do you take them down? + Giveaway!!

Holiday decorations . . . when do you take them down? + Giveaway!!

I love the holidays — the smells from baking cookies, the cheer created as you’re decorating the tree, decorating your house; I love the music, the movies — I love the holidays. The problem is, I never get to start them when I want to . . . . my tree went up on December 4th, was that too early to put up my tree?

Hanukkah is later this year, December 20 – 28 – is it too early then to put up a menora?

The stores started decorating in July, well maybe Oct — but, they had Christmas items for sale back in August!! I should be able to put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving, don’t you agree?

But the BIG question now is . . .when do you take all those decorations down? This seems to be something that spouses argue about every year after the holidays are over — when to take down your tree . . . . I’ve decided that if I can ‘t put up my decorations until Dec., they should be able to stay up through January . . . don’t you think? Our tree is artificial so it is not a fire hazard . . . well, what about you? When do you put up your decorations for your holiday celebration & when do you take them down?

I’m dreading the taking down part this year, it is always such a BIG job!

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