A very happy Hunk Day to you!

Summer is fully upon us now! July is only a week away (how did that happen?!) and people have started to leave the office for beach towns where life is a little slower and there’s a whole lot more time for reading and soaking up the sun. We’re celebrating this week with some beach hunks. Fingers crossed the guys look like this on your next vacay.

Do you know of a good place for spotting beach hunks? Maybe in Maine, maybe in the Caribbean, maybe somewhere totally different? Share with us in the comments! 

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1. We would suggest he wear a bathing suit instead of jeans, but we’re totally digging the wet jeans thing he’s got going on, so maybe we’ll uhh..wait to mention it to him. #HunkDay_Beach Edition 1

2. Hey, hey hot surfer boy. Can you teach me how to ride a wave?

#HunkDay_Beach Edition 4


3. For some reason these guys seem kind of nerdy to me at first glance. But then I look at their abs and WOAH. If this is what nerds look like now, I am even more of a nerd lover than I was before. 

#HunkDay_Beach Edition 2


4. It makes sense that the fourth picture on this list have four guys instead of just one. I don’t think anyone will argue with our reasoning ;)

#HunkDay_Beach Edition 5


5. Does this picture make anyone else want to move to California RIGHT NOW?!

#HunkDay_Beach Edition 3


*Pictures courtesy of Pinterest. See more on Loveswept’s Pinterest page.

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