Happy #HunkDay, guys & gals!

Today we’re wranglin’ up some of the sexiest cowboys around–all for your enjoyment ;)

Five hotties wearing hats, boots, and not wearing shirts are below…but if you want to see even more cowboy goodness, follow us today on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and the Loveswept Pinterest page.

1. What exactly are those leather straps for? Just wondering, of course…#HunkDay Cowboy1


source: Pinterest

2.Well, howdy to you, too ;)

#HunkDay Cowboy 4


source: Pinterest

3. Shirtless horseback riding might just be the sexiest thing this girl has ever seen.

#HunkDay Cowboy 3


source: Pinterest

4. It’s easy to be casual when you look as good as he does. Yum! 

#HunkDay Cowboy 2


source: Pinterest

5. I wonder if belt buckles that big are hard to unbuckle? There’s only one way to find out…

#HunkDay Cowboy 5


source: Pinterest

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