Happy #HunkDay: Firefighters edition. When these guys aren’t putting out fires, they’re fanning the flames of our passions…and it’s pretty obvious why. They’re strong, courageous and have dedicated their lives to saving other people’s lives. Not to mention they’re in great shape ;)

There’s nothing I love more than walking by a firehouse while they’re cleaning off the truck or tidying up in the evening. It’s like looking into a secret club. Choosing the pictures for the hunks below felt the same: a peek into the exclusive group of super sexy firefighters. Be still my heart!

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1.  Abs and arms and pecs, oh my! #HunkDay_Firefighters1


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

2.  Oh, hey, I’m just chilling after saving a kitten from a burning building. Just another day in the life of a firefighting hottie. #HunkDay_Firefighters4Photo courtesy of Pinterest

3. Will they all come over if I burn a piece of toast and set my fire alarm off? I’m willing to sacrifice the carbs..


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

4. Just the abs and the suspenders. They know what’s most important.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

5. Help! You’re burning up! Oh wait, that’s me burning up just looking at you. Come save me! 


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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