Happy Hunk Day!

I love a guy in glasses. He looks smart, a little nerdy, but in a sweet way, and if he’s wearing glasses he may have just been reading. And a hottie reading is even more like catnip to me than a man in glasses. We rounded up five of our favorite guys in glasses below, but there will be even more to come on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and Lovewept Pinterest board today.

Do you love a man in glasses? 


1. I could stare into this guy’s (four) eyes for days…

#HunkDay Glasses3


2. Glasses, tousled hair, scruff and a few tattoos?! Did this guy find my list of ‘things I think are sexy’??

#HunkDay Glasses2

Photo courtesy of hotguyswithink.tumblr.com

3. Johnny Depp in glasses > Johnny Depp not in glasses. And Johnny Depp without glasses is still > most other men.

Photo courtesy of coastal.com

4.  Yowza! Those abs, that little smile! Be still my heart.#HunkDay Glasses4


5. This man has perfected his look. Part pout, park smirk, part squint? Who cares, it’s sexy. #HunkDay Glasses1

Photo courtesy of mightlikeyoubetter.tumblr.com

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