There’s nothing I love more than taking a stroll around the park in the late spring and early fall. And it’s not because of the fresh air or sunshine. No, it’s because all the dudes have finally returned to working out in the open air. Which means (if I time it right) I can see the after-work cardio and ab routines of the hotties in my neighborhood ;)

Since it’s the middle of the day, and I’m at my desk instead of at the outdoor track in the park, I’ve collected a list of hunks working out for today’s wonderful Hunk Day. Enjoy!

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1. This is like the embarrassing rope climb you had to do in gym class, but way, way sexier.  #HunkDay_Work Out_1


2. We’ll just pop on over and sit on those handlebars, ok? Ok, perfect! 

#HunkDay_Work Out_3


3. Now we know he’s not actually swimming or working out in the picture, but a picture of him stretching was the best way to show off Ryan Lochte’s amazing body. And stretching is an important part of working out, don’t forget it! 

#HunkDay_Work Out_4

4. This guy’s working out in jeans, but he’s got perfect form for those dips. So let’s focus on everything but the outfit…

#HunkDay_Work Out_2


5. Beach, a hot body, a soccer ball. Even if he just holds that ball under his arm all day and doesn’t play a second of soccer he’ll still be the hottest guy around. (But we’d love to see him in action;)#HunkDay_Work Out_5


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