Happy #HunkDay! This week we’re spotlighting those sexy handymen who make our lives a little easier. Now, I’m a single woman and an independent one at that–I plunge my own toilet, hang my own pictures, I know how to change a tire and check my oil, BUT that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t gladly let one of these hunks take over the task…especially if I could watch him work!

Enjoy :) And check out the rest of the #HunkDay action on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter.

1. I think he’s got the outfit just right. No shirt needed if you’ve got a tool belt (and arms like that!). 

#HunkDay Handymen3

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

2. I might have to take my car into the shop just to see if the mechanic will look anything like this guy.

#HunkDay Handymen2

Photo courtesy of theberry.com


3. Yowza! This guy takes the old saying “measure twice, cut once” to sexy levels. 

#HunkDay Handyman1

Photo courtesy of monkey114.tumblr.com


4. Summer’s coming! Which means you might just see a construction worker who looks like this on your walk or drive home from work. You don’t hear me complaining! 

#HunkDay Handymen4

Photo courtest of funstruction.com


5. It turns out EVERYTHING in my house just broke–what a coincidence. Maybe he should just stay the whole weekend and help? 

#HunkDay Handymen5

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock




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