Soo..a Hunk Day feature might be the strangest way to celebrate Father’s Day, but we happen to think it also might be one of the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day (second to, of course, actually being with your family).

Today we’ve compiled dudes who’ve managed to only become hotter since having kids. There are a few famous ones (Liam Neeson, Usher) but mainly they’re just normal guys with that fatherly glow. Not to mention they’re making adorable faces at their little ones. This was such a cute day that we extended the list from five to seven. Enjoy :)

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*All photos from Pinterest

1. Cool dad, cool kid. #HunkDay_Dads 1


2. At first you think this is a sweet, candid shot. Then you realize the little boy has already learned how to work it for the cameras. 

#HunkDay_Dads 3


3. This breaks my heart in a million ways. 

#HunkDay_Dads 2


4. Boop! The cutest staring contest ever. 

#HunkDay_Dads 4


5. If you thought Liam Neeson couldn’t get any hotter, just look at this picture. 

#HunkDay_Dads 7


6. A tattooed dad? Ok!!

#HunkDay_Dads 6

7. And Usher, looking so cute with his super cute little boy. Ahhh. It’s too much. 

#HunkDay_Dads 5

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