Happy #HunkDay!

It’s back to school and that can only mean one thing for hunk day: the hot professor. It’s such a common fantasy that it’s become almost a cliche. Late nights after class, visiting for “office” hours, the appeal of the uber-intellectual, his sexy glasses….Ahem. I should just get to the photos before things get a little too sexy–cliche! I mean cliche! Before things get a little too cliche. There we go.

…And here you go: five hunks that most likely aren’t actually professors, but they look the part and probably have better abs than your actual professors did (unless you happened to be the luckiest student in the world!).

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1. So, uh, this guy might cause a little *daydreaming* in class.

#HunkDay_Hot For Teacher2


2. What’s that? You’d like us to do the homework in your bath together? Fine by me! #HunkDay_Hot For Teacher3


3. I sincerely hope this is what I find next time I go wandering through the stacks of the library…

#HunkDay_Hot For Teacher1



4. There’s just no paying attention to a book when that guy is reading it to you. And I LOVE books. 

#HunkDay_Hot For Teacher4


5. This guy looks like he’s really studying that book. Let’s face it, the intellect is sexier than the abs! 

#HunkDay_Hot For Teacher

*All photos from Pinterest

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