Welcome to another glorious Hunk Day!

We know it’s wrong to judge people by material goods, but we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to men and their cars. There’s something so sexy about a hot guy with a cool car. And a sexy car could be anything from a shiny convertible to a muddy truck–we’re not discriminating!  We’re also not about to discriminate against the people who don’t ride in the cars, but instead, fix them. Because a dude with a little bit of oil on his hands, leaned over the hood of a car–now that’s hot!

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Do you know a sexy guy with a sexy car? Does your man know how to fix a car…and rev up your engine??

1. So maybe I did break my car on purpose? So what? #HunkDay_Guyswithcars


2. Does Channing Tatum look sexy in EVERYTHING?! 


Photo courtesy of chantatum.tumblr.com

3. This picture is so sweet. Cute dog, cute guy, cool truck. Beam me there, please.



4. I wish this is the way the mechanics actually looked when I went to get my car inspected…



5. The colors in this picture look like summertime and I’m imagining he’s on the way to the beach in his cool blue truck. Daydreaming at my desk…


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