Let the summer time lovin’ continue with our Hunk Day! I was recently in Martha’s Vineyard and couldn’t help but daydream about the sailors and motorboat enthusiasts who took their boats out on the salty New England waters. I was in the harbor at sunset and it was so romantic that all I could imagine was being scooped up by a strong fisherman type. So instead of just daydreaming, I decided to do something about it. And that something is today’s Hunk Day!

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1. This man is the stuff that New England dreams are made of…



2. What do you think he’s contemplating? “How is it possible that I look this good with my shirt off?” That’s my guess! 



3. Ok, ok. I admit it. This one is wayyy less about the boat and wayyy more about the tattoos and Calvins.



4. This guy seems like he knows how to actually sail the boat.  He certainly looks the part ;)



5. I am seriously envious of that woman. Beautiful man, beautiful hat and bathing suit. I mean, come on!


*all photos found on Pinterest

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