Happy Hunk Day Everyone!

Summer might just be the best time for hunks. The hot weather encourages showing off their muscles–suns out, guns out, anyone? Not to mention that summertime is when lifeguards come back out. Ever since Barry, the tanned lake lifeguard, taught me how to swim when  I was ten, I’ve had a soft spot for lifeguards, reinforced by Baywatch re-runs and the more recent reality show, Bondi Rescue. Oh, and there was that time my vacation house faced the stretch of beach where lifeguard training happened. Let’s just say I liked watching the running and push-ups with my morning coffee much more than I enjoyed the morning news ;)

This week we’ve rounded up some hotties in red bathing suits and whistles. We’ve even got a special video that you’re definitely going to want to watch. Enjoy…and catch the rest of the action on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page.

Do you have a soft spot for lifeguards?

1. This is too good to be true. (But please tell me it’s true, please!)



2. They’ve got their eyes on the ocean, but we’ve got our eyes on them ;)#HunkDay_Lifeguards_1


3. I might fake drowning if this was the guy who was going to save me! 



4. We’re pretty sure Hollister is responsible for this. We owe Hollister a thank you card or a fruit basket, or something.



5. Last but not least, that video we promised you. It’s a lifeguard making margaritas. Oh, and there’s a puppy. See, we knew you’d want to watch it.

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