Happy #HunkDay, Lads and Lassies!

I’ve been trying to work out why exactly I’m so attracted to Scottish men. At first, I thought it was their history of being untamed and wild, then I was certain it was their Scottish brogue, and for a minute I even thought I may have confused my love of tea and shortbread for a love of Scottish dudes, but then something clicked. It was the kilts. Men in Kilts, there’s just something about it.

Today we’ve got some men in kilts to celebrate our Scottish heroes. Follow the rest of the hunks on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page.

Who are your favorite Scottish heroes? Are you partial to a man in a kilt?

1. I like this black background, I just think, you know, more light on this guy wouldn’t be a bad thing…




2. Boxing Scotsmen in kilts? Um, um, um, how did I not know about this before now?!




3. “Oh, hahaha, I love a good breeze up my kilt!” (We don’t mind it either, mister ;) )#HunkDay_Kilts2


4. Putting on or taking off? 


5. I would gladly attend this party! #HunkDay_Kilts5

*All pictures from Pinterest.

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