Happy #HunkDay!

Monday was Memorial Day and this past week was Fleet Week in NYC, which means we’ve had military men on the brain. We can hardly resist breaking out of the office to see if we can find a lost sailor in Times Square and “help” them find their way. Part of their appeal is physical, but the other part has to do with the fact that they’ve sacrificed so much to keep our country safe. If that’s not a turn-on, I don’t know what is.

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1. I feel like this guy has Danger Zone playing around him at all times. I mean that in a good way.


2. Wow. This guy looks like he could knock someone out with one punch. Gotta love a strong man ;)


3. Who was the lucky person who got to take this picture?!


4. Ay, ay, Sir. 


5. He looks so casual even though he’s doing the least casual job ever. 



All photos courtesy of Pinterest. 



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