Happy Hunk Day!

We are in the midst of the World Cup right now, so we wanted to celebrate with a day of soccer hunks. There are tons of “Hottest World Cup Players” lists out there, so we kept it simple with some average (but not average looking!) soccer players and a few big name hotties.

Enjoy! Maybe this will inspire you to watch a match tonight :)

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 1. Fancy footwork? Check. Abs? Check. Everything a girl could need? Check.

#HunkDay_World Cup 3


2. Sergio Ramos is one of the hottest soccer players around. He’ll be playing for Spain in the World Cup.#HunkDay_World Cup 2


3. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to touch the ball with your hands…but I’ll let it slide just this once. 

#HunkDay_World Cup 4


4. Olivier Giroud, France’s pride and (sexy) joy! Check him out in the World Cup. 

#HunkDay_World Cup 1


5. Playing soccer in a suit? That’s one guy who’s got it all going on. 

#HunkDay_World Cup 5

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