#HunkDay: The Great Outdoors

Happy #HunkDay ladies and gentlemen!

Anyone else noticing the subtle change in temperature? The few leaves starting to fall? The way the air has changed?

Fall’s coming and coming quick! But we’re still in the last weeks of summer, so let’s celebrate. We’ve picked a few hunks who are doing their best to celebrate the great outdoors. Blue skies, shirtless men, what more could a girl want?!

Our first five hotties are here, but follow the rest of the action on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page.


1. This guy looks like he’s ready to do some gardening, or maybe have a little garden hose water fight? ;) #HunkDay_Outdoors3


2. I don’t know what’s more stunning, the man or the view! 



3. This guy is on the top of the world. And I want to be there with him!



4. You look a little dirty, need someone to help clean you up? 



5. A man and his dog is a beautiful thing. Especially if the man happens to be beautiful himself!



*All photos found on Pinterest

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