Happy Hunk Day!

Each week we’re looking for the hottest hunks so that come Wednesday, we’ve got the best of the best. But…not all of the hunks we find get used. So today we’re opening up our Hunk Day files and bringing you the best of the six packs.It’s not about surfers or sailors or Scots, all we’re focusing on today are the bods. (And we may even have some eight packs to share too!)

Our first five hotties are here, but follow the rest of the hunks from the vault on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page.

1. You, sir, are most definitely blessed.#HunkDay_SixPack1


2. This guy really should be a cover model for romance novels. He’s got it all going on. 



3. Helllooooo there ;)







4. This guy has some serious carefree beach vibes going on. And I’m loving it.



5. Hot man in a sunny field? That’s pretty much my August daydream. 



*All photos found on Pinterest

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