This week we’ve been celebrating Wedding Season and we’re keeping the celebration going with a wedding-themed Hunk Day. We know it’s wrong to lust after a man just as he’s about to walk down the aisle, but we’re just looking! And we included some groomsmen pictures because they are totally within bounds!

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1. We don’t care what he’s looking at if it’s making him smile like that! 

#HunkDay_Wedding Season1

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2. That is one good looking wedding party. Now…which of those groomsmen are still single? ;)



3. He’s got that whole smoldering sexy look going on. And we don’t hate it. 

#HunkDay_Wedding Season_2

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4. They all look the same! Which isn’t a bad thing, considering the main thing they have in common is hotness. #HunkDay_Wedding Season 4


5. A beard and a suit go together like cake and ice cream, like peanut butter and jelly, like, well, a bride and a groom. 

#HunkDay_Wedding Season 5


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