I Wanna Marry Harry is No More

I Wanna Marry Harry is No More

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of reality TV, it was the end of I Wanna Marry Harry. You may have heard the news that Fox pulled the show about a faux prince and his gaggle of girls after four episodes. I learned of it last night. I asked my boyfriend to set the DVR and he kept saying, “I don’t see it. Which channel?” He couldn’t find it, so I looked it up online and learned it was a goner.

This is and isn’t surprising. Yes, it is a ridiculous show based on a ludicrous concept, but no more than any other reality TV show. Some shows inexplicably rise to the top, while others lose viewers with every episode. It was worth a shot because, it’s true, Americans are obsessed with the royals. Alas, we are obsessed with the actual royals and not their doppelgangers. Fox will make the rest of the episodes—eight in total—available both on-demand and online–including Fox.com and Hulu.

I watched a bit of episode five last night. Heads up: If you watch online and try to fast forward to the elimination (as I did), then you will be made to watch many extra commercials. At the end it was down to Maggie and Meghan. Maggie, who could drink all the other girls under the table, was sent home, while Meghan—who I have a low tolerance for—went to the crown suite. I will most likely click through the other episodes—at least the finale. I’m interested in which girl he chooses and what that girl says when she finds out he’s not (gasp!) Prince Harry.

So that’s that—another show bites the dust. The sun will continue to rise and set. The
seasons will continue to change. Someday the real Prince Harry will marry and that event will not be short of viewers.

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