IGNITED by J. Kenner

IGNITED by J. Kenner

IGNITED is the third book in the Marked Men series, about a three powerful men, known as the Knights, and the women that manage to do what no other could.  This last book focuses on Cole, artist, Dom, and a man who still flirts with the wrong side of the law and his obsession with Kat.

I did not read the first two books in the series, but it didn’t matter: The author does a great job of ensuring readers understand the underlying current of want between Cole and Kat. Both have been somewhat obsessed with the other, but reluctant to do anything with their feelings. Kat, because she feared a dynamic shift in their little group; Cole, because he wasn’t sure Kat was accepting of his needs as a Dom. They get over their reluctance pretty quickly and manage to burn up the proverbial pages. There were many hot scenes with this couple, but in my opinion, none was as hot as when Cole “introduced” Kat to what he liked. Kat may not have had any experience in the D/s lifestyle, but I loved the way Cole introduced her to what he wanted to do.  Cole, ever the artist, painted a picture of what it would be like when he took Kat in his room.  With such descriptions and emotions, I would have thought I was in that room, witnessing what Cole described.

I liked the honesty of Kat and Cole. Neither of them trust freely nor open up about themselves, but once they pushed past the sexual barrier in their relationship, it seemed like everything else opened up as well. They accepted the other, faults and all, without any recrimination, which made each of them trust the other that much more. Despite what either of them may have experienced before, the honesty and openness in their relationship was refreshing. There was a period of adjustment for each of them, but you couldn’t help but realize they truly belonged together.

There were times when one or both of these characters would say or do something that would frustrate me, but they were both learning how to navigate a new relationship and figuring out how to make sure their pasts didn’t taint what they were trying to build.

IGNITED was incredibly hot, solid story…even for someone coming into the series at the third book.  J. Kenner always manages to have the perfect mixture of eroticism and emotion in the stories she weaves and she definitely pulls you in with this one.


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