It’s the Little Things That Make a Hero

It’s the Little Things That Make a Hero

While camping with another couple last summer, the subject of my first book, ACCIDENTAL COWGIRL, came up. My friend D is an avid reader, armed with a Kindle even at the campground, but her hubby G is more of a movie buff. When he started joking good-naturedly about my book and its genre, I was ready to handle it the same way so many of us romance writers do – with tolerance and good humor. He’s never actually read a romance novel, after all.

Then, however, he started in on Decker, my hero. Now, I’m fairly attached to Decker, having created him and all. And he is rather perfect, despite his fixable flaws. Picking on me was one thing. Picking on my hero? Oh, no, you don’t.

I think it started when G almost chopped off a thumb instead of a piece of kindling. After a period of silent cursing, he rolled his eyes. “Let me guess. Decker would never do that.” Later, when we had trouble getting the fire started, he said, “Decker’s probably an Eagle scout who can build fire with duct tape and a marshmallow, right?”

Toward the end of the week, when a downpour threatened to wash away our picnic tables, four small children, and a puppy, G nodded thoughtfully. “Decker totally would have foreseen this and built a dam right up there on the hill, right?”

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The last morning we were there, G got up at the crack of dawn and drove ten miles to fetch Dunkin Donuts coffee for a freezing D. As he appeared out of the mist with the steaming cups, I said, “Wow. Now that’s love.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled. “Just trying to be a Decker.”


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