Karen Leabo & Loveswepts – Giveaway TOO!

Karen Leabo & Loveswepts – Giveaway TOO!

Writing for Loveswept

I started submitting manuscripts to the Loveswept line when it debuted in the 1980s. I was a fan from the beginning (I still love the Delaneys!) , and I was thrilled when I finally sold to them. Alas, I only wrote seven books for the line before it closed, but those are some of my happiest publishing memories. My Loveswept editors encouraged me to write books that reflected what was important to me, books that I really, really wanted to write. Finding a welcoming home for my quirky, out-of-the-box stories meant so much to me. I wrote action/adventure, paranormal and romantic suspense as well as the ever-popular cowboys, brides and babies. The freedom to write anything I wanted was exciting, and I still cherish those books as some of my best.

My first Loveswept was called “Hell on Wheels,” and it was about storm chasers—you know, those crazy people who run around the countryside trying to find tornadoes? To research this story, I actually tagged along with a group of “professional” storm chasers, possibly the closest I’ve come to dying for my art. The book was published in March of 1996, exactly two months before the hit movie Twister. (Ah, timing is everything.)

I had to fan myself when I first saw the cover of that book. This was in the heyday of those covers with hot guys surrounded by a flower border, and my guy was really, really hot. But having a studly cover model has its downside—namely, people get so riveted by the guy on the cover, they don’t care anything about what’s between the covers. I did a number of book signings to celebrate my Loveswept debut. Authors sitting at a table in the front of a bookstore get asked a lot of funny questions, but the question I got most with this book was, “Do you know this guy?” and once, “Can you help me meet this guy?” I used to answer with a straight face that he was my boyfriend, and a lot of people believed me.

I am thrilled that my Loveswepts are being re-issued as e-books. Electronic reading has changed my life—I have three e-book readers. I love finding backlist books from newly discovered authors as well as old favorites (I’ve already pre-ordered Lightning that Lingers by Sharon and Tom Curtis). I’m looking forward to finding a whole new crop of readers as well as re-connecting with those who might remember me from way back when.

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***R@R is happy to announced we are reissuing Karen’s book in 2012 – with new covers! Congrats Karen!

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