Last of the Red Hot Runaway Brides

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I guess I was a runaway bride.  I figured out four days before my wedding that I didn’t want to marry my fiancé, my mother told me to fly home, and that was that.

Mom also told me I wasn’t going to sit at home and cry, so she wanted me to call up an old friend that I hadn’t seen in fifteen years or so—which I didn’t want to do.  We hadn’t talked, and I was sure he was married with kids.


Post-Runaway Bride moment, Tina Leonard has her own HEA. 


But I finally cratered under Mom’s request (she’d promised to call his parents if I didn’t call him).  In retrospect, I think I could have called her bluff, but you didn’t bet the house against Mom.  She was one of the cagiest women I’ve ever known in my life, and if she said she was going to do something, you could bet she would.

So I called.  Felt really stupid.  Long story short, I married my childhood friend eleven months later—which is a really good reason to listen to your mother!  I had gone to school with Tim from the first grade to the eighth grade, but we’d never dated.  Never kissed.  When he walked in the door of my parents’ house on the day I was supposed to marry another man, I hardly recognized my childhood friend.



Long story short, this is Tina and the childhood “friend” who turned into much more. 


And when I confessed that that day was supposed to be my wedding day, my childhood friend said, “Well, I’ll try not to make him look too bad.”

I do believe I lost my heart to him right then.  Certainly my heart sat up and took notice.  Worried that maybe I was on the rebound, I was cautious.  I was not on the rebound, and twenty-six years later, I’m still glad I listened to my mother.

The pictures are of my wedding day.  I borrowed a beautiful wedding dress from one of my dearest friends, and her mother lent me her veil that they had both worn.  I was so happy to get to wear a friend’s beautiful dress and veil!  I enjoy these photos so much because I love her dress so much—and the fact that it was a friend’s just makes the memories that much more special.  I’d love to hear about your wedding day, and the special memories that were part of that day.  From a runaway bride to a happy bride to an author who writes happy endings, I’d love to hear about yours!


TinaWedding3Riding off into the sunset in wedded bliss. 

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