The Hottest TV Doctors

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I bet you didn’t know that it’s National Doctors Day. Well now you do! To celebrate, I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favorite TV Doctors (and nurses). They also happen to be hot. So sit down, relax and get your scrolling finger ready. You’re in for some serious MD eye candy. You’re welcome.

PS: All these shows are on Netflix, by the way, so you can watch some of these beautiful faces tonight. Or, you know, give your real doctor a gift.

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A Gifted Man - Patrick Wilson
Image: Featureflash /

1. A Gifted Man - Patrick Wilson

Baby blues. Crinkly-eyed grin. Great hair

He’s a rom-com king (Morning Glory, The Switch) and he was already perfect. Then they went and made him a doctor. One who’s desperately in love with a woman that, let’s just say, he can’t have. The impossibility of their love only makes him more charming and the story more interesting. And LOOK AT THAT FACE.

Grey's Anatomy - Patrick Dempsey
Image: DFree /

2. Grey's Anatomy - Patrick Dempsey

I think, too often, hoards of Grey’s Anatomy viewers focus on the fan-favorite Patrick Dempsey. McDreamy is most definitely dreamy and of course worthy of our adoration....

Grey's Anatomy - Jesse Williams
Image: Helga Esteb /

3. Grey's Anatomy - Jesse Williams

...But lets not forget about another looker on the cast. Jesse Williams or Dr. Jackson Avery once played a different character on another show who had no real name besides The Hotness Monster. That fact, along with those freckles and crazy-beautiful green eyes merits him a bit of attention too, at least on this list.

House - Hugh Laurie
Image: Joe Seer /

4. House - Hugh Laurie

I mean, I shouldn’t really have to explain this one: He’s British, he’s blunt, and he’s brilliant. And he’s definitely been a silver fox since day one. I think I started watching House when I was in high school, but even at 15 or 16, I was totally into Hugh Laurie from the start. Admit it. You were too.

Nurse Jackie- Haaz Sleimen

5. Nurse Jackie- Haaz Sleimen

Haaz plays Nurse Mo-Mo (so not technically a TV doctor, but close enough), and because his character is gay, I spend most of every episode angry that I can’t have him. He’s honest to a fault and uproariously funny and because his character wouldn’t want me romantically I just wish I could be his best friend.

It’s the eyes that do it more than anything else. That and the dimpled chin.

Hart of Dixie – Scott Porter
Image: DFree /

6. Hart of Dixie – Scott Porter

I hope you’ll indulge me once more on this one, because I’ll admit, I’ve only seen a few episodes of this show, but I’ve seen enough to know that Scott Porter’s character is not a doctor. He’s Rachel Bilson’s (Dr. Zoe Hart) lawyer and maybe love interest, I think? But who cares! He will always have a special place in my teeny-bopper heart because of his character on Friday Night Lights (JASON STREET I LOVE YOU! #texasforever). Now that that’s out of my system, he’s totally adorable and super sexy and I would watch this show just for him.

Hart of Dixie – Barry Watson
Image: s_bukley /

7. Hart of Dixie – Barry Watson

It was recently announced that Barry Watson was joining the cast of Hart of Dixie next season and I don’t know if his character will be a doctor either. But I’ve been in love with Barry since his Seventh Heaven days so I obviously had to call him out here.

Private Practice- Taye Diggs
Image: Helga Esteb /

8. Private Practice- Taye Diggs

I’ll end this list strong with an actual TV doctor. Taye Diggs plays Dr. Sam Bennett on Private Practice, or as some affectionately call him, Dr. Feelgood.

That skin! That smile!

There’s a reason he helped Stella get her groove back.

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