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Your Key to Club Inferno

In the first book of the Club Inferno series, Mallory is given access to a secret sex society that’s hidden away in her sister’s fashion resort, Couture. This exclusive members’ only dungeon has something for everyone, whether they’re new to the scene or dedicated to the lifestyle.  In HEAT, Mallory is given a pin to mark her as a prospective member.  But I thought it would fun to make some earrings that would be the key to getting into Club Inferno for fans of the series.


These earrings are easy to make.  So, if you want to make your own you will need the following materials:  two 4mm jump rings, two key beads, two ear wires, and a pair of chain nose pliers.

Here’s what I did.  I took my pliers and opened up the jump ring.  The jump ring is a soft metal circle that’s not closed.  You’ll see the line on the circle where the wire meets. You take one side of the circle in the pliers and the other side in your hand or another pliers and twist slightly.  In the open circle, slip the bead and the ear wire.

Then close up the circle with the pliers and gently snug up the circle so the open metal touches.  Do the same thing with your other jump ring, and you’ll have a matching pair of earrings.

 Jamie K Schmidt_Earrings Pics

Here is a teaser of HEAT, book one of the Club Inferno series coming out June 3rd.  Colleen, the owner of Couture, is explaining the duality of the resort to her sister Mallory.


 “Couture is many things to many people. To the movers and shakers in Paris, Milan, and of course New York, I’ve built a resort that’s a perpetual fashion convention, complete with a spa and nightlife. I am working on a line, but I’m just dabbling in it right now. My friend Anya just flew in to help me with it. She’s a model, but she really has an eye for fashion. Truthfully, I’d rather wear the clothes than design them.”

Mallory nodded.

“But the true purpose of Couture is catering to an exclusive client list that comes here to relax and rejuvenate their sex lives. Some come to explore new experiences that they’ve read about or have always dreamed about. We offer them hands-on workshops and demonstrations with professionals in the business. And yes, also a spa and nightlife.”

“How hands-on? What type of pros?”

“It depends on the instructor. My clients are carefully screened and vetted before they’re accepted into Couture’s very private list.”

“Why hide it? Why not say ‘Sex Instructor: First Lesson Free’ or something?”

“If I wanted my marketing to sound like a T-shirt slogan, I would have a man with facial hair walk around with signs that say ‘Free Mustache Rides.’” Colleen rolled her eyes. “Look, no one pickets an organization devoted to haute couture and the fashion industry. Like our website says, we’re a creative outlet and a think tank for everyone from the budding fashion designer all the way up to the giants of Fashion Week.”

“So where does the kinky stuff come in?”

“That’s what I really wanted to do. But if I opened an educational society that caters to fulfilling fantasies and learning how to better your sex life? Well, my little blue-law-loving neighbors don’t want that kind of element in their area. But if I front a Project Runway wet dream with exclusive events where celebrities go to mix and mingle? Everyone wants that.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“What’s to say? Consenting adults are paying me money to show them a good time. And it’s all perfectly legal, Polly Prissy Pants.”

“I’m not . . .” Mallory drained her drink. “I’m not judging.” Leave it to Colleen to get my mind off David.

“But you want to,” Colleen said in a singsong voice.

“If the sexy part is so private, why do you have penis bushes on your front lawn?”


Mallory got up and went to the window. She pointed. “Hah!”

“That’s a dolphin, you pervert.”

“What?” Mallory cocked her head. “It looks like . . .”

“A cigar?”

“Up yours, Freud. I know a penis when I see one.”


If you think Club Inferno is where you’d like to be, leave a comment on the blog telling me a secret pleasure of yours, and I’ll give away these earrings to a random person.

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