LoveCraft: Novel and Craft Book Couples

LoveCraft: Novel and Craft Book Couples
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March is National Craft Month and to celebrate we’re doing a weekly feature on crafting. This week, we’re focusing on novels about crafting and DIY craft books that go together like cake and ice cream, or chocolate and peanut butter, or macaroni and cheese (can you tell I was hungry when I wrote this post?).  Forget the similes and check out this list…We’ve got books that’ll appeal to whatever your artsy heart might desire. 








The Wishing Thread + Once Upon a Knit


Three magical sisters who are believed to knit their customers’ wishes and dreams into scarves, mittens, and beautiful tapestries must reconnect after their aunt’s death in The Wishing Thread.


Once Upon a Knit offers knitting patterns for characters from some of your favorite fairy tales. Like The Wishing Thread, this book is all about knitting, with a little bit of magic thrown in.


Blossom Street Brides + Noni Flowers


Debbie Macomber’s Blossom Street is a Seattle neighborhood that gathers around A Good Yarn, a yarn shop where the women in her novels often meet and become friends. In Blossom Street Brides, wedding bells are ringing, and three new characters in various stages in their marriages find community and friendship at A Good Yarn, and together they find their happy endings.


Noni Flowers is a perfect accompaniment to a novel about knitting and weddings because this book will show you how to knit gorgeous decorative flowers that may rival (or even replace) bridal bouquets.



All You Can Dream Buffet + The Sprouted Kitchen



In Barbara O’Neal’s latest novel, a food blogger determined to have her legacy carried on by the perfect successor invites her closest online colleagues and friends (a baker, a wine enthusiast, and a lover of all things organic) over to help her decide who’d be best for the job. As the four foodies grow closer, they learn from each other’s experiences and find happiness in the midst of their tears, dreams, and surprises.


Similarly, The Sprouted Kitchen was written by food blogger Sara Forte, so after your read All You Can Dream Buffet, you can try your hand at a few of her original recipes!

Tapestry of Fortunes + Perfect Pies and More


Tapestry of Fortunes tells the heartwarming story of four women who are all looking for a fresh start and a new love.

The women in Tapestry eat a lot of pie, and if you find yourself craving dessert after reading it, I wouldn’t be surprised. National Pie Baking Champion Michelle Stuart’s Perfect Pies & More is the perfect solution to that problem with over 50 different pie recipes plus cookies, cakes, and more.



A Vintage Affair + New Dress A Day


When Phoebe, a young vintage shop owner, discovers a vintage child’s coat in an older women’s collection, she just has to have it. And though the older woman is reluctant to part with it, the two become friends. Over time, Phoebe learns the coat’s story, and soon she discovers an astonishing connection between the two of them.


I think the subtitle of New Dress A Day says it all: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Creating Fashion Dos from Thrift-Store Don’ts. Just in case A Vintage Affair sends you out looking for your own vintage finds, this book will show you exactly how to remake and wear them.


Mini Shopaholic + Vintage Knits for Modern Babies


Minnie, from Mini Shopaholic, is the terrible two’s personified, and her mother is wondering why life with her husband and wild-child daughter isn’t what she expected. What she’ll have to learn is that life is full of surprises and it never goes according to plan.


If Minnie reminds you of a special little person in your life, maybe her story will get your creative juices flowing. If it does, Vintage Knits for Modern Babies is exactly where you should turn to create a cute bonnet, cardigan, or set of mittens for your very own mini-shopaholics in the making.


The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society + Creative Paper Cutting



In Darien Gee’s moving novel, Madeline’s Tea Salon, the cozy hub of the Avalon community, is where local residents scrapbook their memories and make new ones. But when the founder of their scrapbooking society receives some unexpected news, the members must come together in ways they never imagined.


If Avalon Ladies inspires you to take up scrapbooking, Creative Paper Cutting will give your new scrapbook a unique look. It offers inventive and decorative ways to use paper and will work well for a novice or an expert.

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