Mascot of romance, who would it be? + GIVEAWAY!!

Mascot of romance, who would it be?  + GIVEAWAY!!

 [mas-kot, -kuht]
an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck: The U.S. Navy mascot is a goat.

Silly topic, but not really, as I’ve been thinking about this — it seems that all important organizations have mascots, so to speak, right? KIA automobiles now has those adorable hamsters, as pictured above; Taco Bell had that little dog, what breed was he again? Taco Bell had a big promotion a few years back and I bought three or four of those stuffed cuties!

Then of course, Geico’s lizard. . . and now I’ve noticed they’re using a pink pig in their commercials as well, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I suppose ‘Flo’ on those Progressive Insurance commercials is a ‘mascot’ of sorts — well, her robot is, even if she is ‘broken’ :)

The romance genre really needs a mascot .. . . it doesn’t seem right to call a big Best Selling author a mascot, does it? Can we call Nora a mascot, that’s insulting even though she sells the most books in the genre! Nora is well respected for her work, and her support of the genre, but even so, I don’t think she qualifies as a mascot — and she’d probably be very happy about that :(

So ladies, it is up to us! We must come up with a mascot for romance . . . . what character, animal, or alien *grins*, best represents our category — comment below! Can’t wait to see your answers – LOL

Remember, 5 winners every week are chosen to win a RANDOM book – winners announced on Sunday – Happy Romance!!

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