MASTERS OF SEX, Episode Seven

MASTERS OF SEX, Episode Seven
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I’m not sure how what to think about the latest episode. It was a lot of fast forwarding to set up future storylines.

We begin by jumping ahead five months. Lester has come back from Hollywood after being jilted by his lover as well as the movie business. He will once again be documenting Masters and Johnson’s study. Lester’s new obsession with documentary filmmaking has him recording the interactions between the staff in the study as well as the participants. It’s a twist that shows how deeply Masters’ study, as well as his relationship with Virginia, has touched everyone in his life.

After Masters was fired from his last job he opened his own clinic. His fertility patients were reluctant to follow him to his new location. With little to do as an OBGYN, Masters has thrown himself into the study. Without the money from paying patients Masters has to take out a loan to keep his practice and the study a float.

Virginia and Bill’s relationship has been at odds ever since Masters found that Virginia was dating people while they were “participating in the study” together. Virginia confronts Bill about the unfairness of his actions. She doesn’t understand why he can go home to Libby but she can’t have a boyfriend. The way Virginia confronts Bill shows that she has finally accepted that their relationship is about more than just the study. After the argument Bill gets a blowjob from a hooker in an alley. He isn’t able to perform. We get the impression he hasn’t been able to perform since he left his relationship with Virginia.

Betty appears as the newly divorced secretary for Masters’ clinic. (Seems we’ll no longer be seeing the Pretzel King or her lover, Sarah Silverman.) We fast-forward again, this time a year has passed. Betty has continued working for Masters and the study. She is also working towards getting her accounting degree.

Libby shows up at Bill’s office. She’s upset he took out a loan without telling her. Later, Bill’s mother appears in his office building. Libby has been meeting with her once a week for over a year. Bill is irate that she would still be a part of his family’s life after he told her to stay away. His mother tells him she doesn’t care what he has done she still loves him. Bill rejects his mother and the money she offers.

We skip ahead to a birthday party for Dr. Langham. Masters is in fine form, insulting both his wife and Virginia. He even alludes to Virginia’s newest boyfriend that he slept with her. On a balcony overlooking the party Bill seduces Virginia, nearly having sex with her. At the last second he pulls away and makes it clear he was mocking her and her relationships with other men. It makes me furious how Bill treats every woman in his life so terribly. This episode may be the worst side of Masters we’ve seen yet. Bill tries another hooker but he still has impotence issues.

We move forward again. It’s now 1960. Betty has gotten her CPA license and is an awesome businesswoman. It also seems Masters has bought the building his practice is in (Which we know by Betty hounding Flo, Virginia’s diet pill pushing boss, for rent. I love that Flo, better known to some as Artemis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is still in the picture!) Virginia offers Bill a hotel key. In an effort to put an end to the constant uneasiness and bickering in their relationship she would like them to start participating in the study again. Or, as the rest of the world sees it, continue on with their affair. Bill accepts and meets Virginia at the hotel. In their room he refuses to have sex with Virginia. Instead he tells her to take her clothes off and proceeds to describe everything he’s going to do to her. It may be the most unsexy pillow talk I’ve ever heard. Seriously, what keeps drawing women to Bill Masters?

After their liaison Masters asks the front desk if they would consider hiring him as the on-call doctor in exchange for him staying at the hotel for free. The night manager tells Bill that the hotel couldn’t hire a radiologist (Bill’s cover story is that he’s a radiologist named Dr. Holton), but if they had a doctor like say . . . Dr. Masters they would for sure hire him. Looks like Bill wasn’t as stealthy as he liked to think. The hotel staff, or at least this particular person, has known who Bill was this whole time. Masters alludes to taking the position so he and Virginia can meet at the hotel without a paper trail.

Next we stop at baby John’s birthday party. Virginia and Libby discuss plans for the Masters family vacation at a lake home. Virginia invites Libby to vacation with them, as Bill is happier when Libby is near. (Oh Libby, you have no idea.) With Libby’s constant unhappiness I’m surprised she hasn’t threatened to leave Bill. Masters’ mother shows up. Bill tells Libby he invited her. It looks like Bill and his mother have come to some kind of an agreement. For now the two will be able to coexist. The episode ends with Bill’s mother telling him she’s proud of him.

While a lot of time passed in this episode and we were given a lot of information, not a lot happened. This was more of a transitional episode that looked to set up plotlines we will see in the future. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see the aftermath of Lillian’s death. She was one of my favorite characters and I was sad to see her go.


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