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This was one of my favorite episodes yet!

Lillian is undergoing radiation. Her radiologist is more concerned with Lillian’s head placement than the words coming out of her mouth. She notices that he’s ignoring her and declares she was raised by vampires and had sex with a corpse just to see if she can get a reaction from him. I love it when we get to see Lillian’s sense of humor. At her following radiation appointment, Lillian asks the same radiologist to give her the truth about her health. She trusts him because he sees her as a thing more than a person and won’t spare her feelings. The radiologist tells her that the radiation will slow her cancer’s progression but only by a little bit. He then proceeds to tell her she will lose the ability to control her bodily functions until she slowly fades away. In the end she won’t know what’s happening to her. Much to Virginia’s dismay, Lillian decides to quit her treatments. She is tired of fighting. It’s a hard scene to watch, but I had to respect Lillian’s decision.

Masters and Virginia confront Hendricks about not allowing the staff to participate in the study. Hendricks argues that the black community has dealt with prejudiced medical studies too many times in the past. He won’t allow Masters to present his findings on black sexuality in any way that may be misconstrued. After listening to Hendricks’ arguments I understood his attitude towards the study much better. Hendricks truly just wants what’s best for his hospital.

Later, Masters meets with a black reporter. Masters thinks if he can get the reporter on his side he will be able to show Hendricks the study will be good for the black community. Unfortunately, Masters doesn’t realize that he won’t be able to dictate what the reporter writes. When Masters finds out the reporter will be including background information on Bill, including his sick health as a child and how he was fired from his last two hospitals, he decides maybe an article wasn’t such a good idea. Masters goes to the editor of the newspaper and threatens to publish false findings about the black community in his study if they publish the article. The editor refuses to pull the story.

In Libby Masters’ world, she continues to stick her nose in Coral’s business. Libby has become obsessed with Coral and her relationship with Robert. Masters catches Libby spying on Coral and Robert when Robert drops Coral off for work. Masters is disgusted and annoyed that Libby won’t leave them alone. Later, Libby confronts Coral about Robert. Seems Libby had a police friend run a background check on Robert and he has three prior arrests. Libby tells Coral she doesn’t trust Robert and he is no longer allowed to drop Coral off or pick her up from the Masters residence. Coral tells Libby she will have her aunt pick her up instead of Robert. That evening when Coral leaves Libby follows her. Instead of having someone else pick her up, Coral had Robert drive around the corner so Libby couldn’t see. Libby is enraged.

At the lavish house of the Pretzel King and Betty, the two are getting ready for a party to celebrate PK getting syndicated. PK tells Betty that he’s been thinking about kids. He’s decided if he can’t have children that will look like him and Betty he doesn’t want kids. Betty is enough for him. Too bad he isn’t enough for Betty: In a scene that follows, we find Betty and Helen in bed.

Betty suggests Helen get an apartment so the two women can be together more often. Helen is hurt by the suggestion that she be Betty’s mistress. Betty argues that even if she weren’t married to PK they would never be able to have a conventional relationship. Later, Al and Helen stop by Betty and PK’s home. They surprise Betty and PK by announcing Helen proposed to Al and they are going to elope. After the news of the wedding and a shared kiss between Helen and Al, Betty goes crazy and yells at the couple. The next day PK accuses Betty of liking Al. He thinks that is why Betty is having such a hard time with Helen and Al as a couple. Betty says the thought of Al and Helen make her sick and she never wants to see either of them again. PK tells Al that he and Betty won’t be their witnesses at the wedding, nor will Al and Helen be invited to the upcoming party. Al thinks Betty’s new attitude towards Helen is odd, especially since he saw Betty and Helen kiss. While Al doesn’t put two and two together PK finally realizes Betty’s problem. I was actually really surprised PK was able to piece together that Betty was a lesbian so quickly.

When PK confronts Betty about her relationship with Helen, she admits they were together in the past. Betty argues that PK is her future not Helen, but PK is tired of Betty’s lies. Is this the end of Betty and PK? While I feel bad for Betty, I’m proud of PK for finally getting a clue and realizing his wife has been lying to him about . . . well, everything.

Back at the Masters’, Libby has decided to follow Coral and Robert home. I still can’t believe how far Libby has fallen from the first season. Was she always so angry or did her marriage to Masters turn her into this new woman? Either way, Libby is set on breaking up Robert and Coral. With baby John in tow, Libby makes her way to Coral’s apartment. Robert confronts Libby when he discovers her going through mail trying to find out the number of Coral’s apartment. He surprises her by explaining that he is Coral’s brother, not her boyfriend. Seems Coral has decided Libby isn’t the only one who can play head games. Good for Coral! Libby is upset she has been made a fool. Robert sees Libby cut herself on her leg when she got out of her car. He takes a handkerchief and tends to her wound. Whoa, big sexual tension. Libby hightails it out of there after giving Robert a handful of money telling him to let Coral know she’s fired. Libby goes back to her car and cries. Will her obsession with Robert wan or will she act on her sexual response to him?

At Lillian DuPaul’s, Virginia shows up at her home to see if Lillian needs help with anything. Lillian gives Virginia an envelope with information about her final wishes. Lillian wants her body to go to science even though her family will argue against it. Lillian wants Virginia to give her family this information because she knows Virginia won’t take no for an answer. The two drink wine well into the night. Virginia puts Lillian to bed and kisses her goodnight. She wants Lillian to know she is loved. Virginia leaves but comes back a few moments later because she forgot the envelope. She finds Lillian in bed overdosed on sleeping medication. Lillian wanted to die on her own terms. At first, Virginia calls for an ambulance, but then she hangs up the phone. Virginia recognizes that Lillian has made the decision to end her life and she must respect that if she truly loves her. What an emotional scene. I’m heartbroken that one of my favorite characters will no longer be with us, but wow, what a way to go out.

Back at the hospital Masters meets with Hendricks. Bill tries to explain his reasoning for threatening the newspaper. Even though Hendricks understands Bills actions he doesn’t agree with them. Hendricks tells Bill to clear his office. Wow, Masters is fired again! Come on Bill, learn to keep your mouth shut. Masters goes to Virginia’s home to tell her he was fired, except Virginia isn’t there. Guess who is? Her boyfriend she’s had for months but hasn’t told Bill about. Bill is crushed and walks back to his car trying to hold it together, and it looks like he’s crying. For two colleagues who are only working together there are a lot of emotions at play. After gathering himself, Masters goes home to tell Libby.

Masters fired by a third hospital, the death of one of my favorite characters, a lesbian relationship revealed, and blackmail. What a great episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next Sunday!


A native of North Dakota, Meagan Burgad currently resides in North Carolina with her husband. When not traveling the world she is reading a book or blogging for Love Between the Sheets.

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